Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Bio Oil

I have to admit, I am really bad when it comes to washing my face and using skin products. I'm simply the type of brush-my-teeth-twice-a-day-and-remove-make-up-before-bed type of gal! I guess I'm lucky that my skin has (apart from the odd spot every now and again) stayed clear, recently however I have become aware of the fact that my skin appears much drier then normal - usually I would describe my skin as being normal.
Being an AVON representative I've definitely spied a few products in the current brochure that I will be ordering later on this month. But I was just wondering if there was anything in particular that anyone would suggest works well for them?
So far I have invested my money into something that I have heard a lot of recommendations for - my mum in particular swears by it.
 (N.B if you would like to purchase this product I would seriously urge you to look at websites such as Amazon rather then your local drug store, as the prices are dramatically cheaper online!)
I was instantly drawn to its multi purpose functions:
♡ Scars
♡ Stretch Marks
♡ Uneven skin Tone
♡ Ageing Skin
♡ Dehydrated Skin

After using this product last night, I can definitely see a huge improvement in the condition of my skin already - my skin feels so moisturised and hydrated.
Here was my routine:
1. Wash your face with an exfoliating wash - This will clear and open your pores 
2. Put a couple of drops (literally only about 2-4) on to the palm of your hand - It really is a case of 'less is more'  as a little really does go a LOOOONGGG way.
3. Using your other hand's fingers apply to areas affected - I would suggest you treat it like a moisturiser and apply all over the face, there is no harm in doing this and you'll get an even coverage apply to the whole of your face: there is no harm in doing this and you'll get an even coverage.
4. Keep rubbing until almost absorbed and then allow it to natural sink in to your skin :).

Overall I am really pleased with its results, however the drawbacks of this product would be that it is far to easy to use too much, there is a slight fragrance to it, which could be overpowering to some people,It does take a while to sink into your pores. 
And Finally - the instructions leaflet states 'Use For A Minimum Of Three Months'.

Something tells me I should have bought a bigger bottle..
I'd love to hear your thoughts..
Do you have any other products you would recommend?
Have you used Bio Oil Before?
If so, what's your regime?

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