Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Soap & Glory Haul

I was scanning the aisle of my local boots on the weekend in the hunt in finding suitable Christmas presents for the people in my life that I just don't know what to buy for.
Naturally, I had to check out the nearby make up stands to see if there were any good offers available (not that I needed any persuasion..).
I haven't tried any Soap and Glory make up products before but I've read a lot of good reviews singing their praises.
The average pricing per item is around the £8.00 mark, which in my opinion puts it at the top of the drug-store brands, but still relatively affordable if you compare it to the average product in my collection.
Here's what I picked up:
1. Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick - 'Fuscia-ristic'
2. Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick - 'Plum Jam'
3. Supercat Extreme Eyeliner Pen - Carbon Black
4. Sugar Crush - 'Fresh & Foamy Body Wash
5. Hand Food
6. Hand Maid

When it comes to the Gloss Sticks I was amazed on their texture when I swatched the tester on the back of my hand in the store. They look scary in the tube but once used they're a gorgeous balmy-gloss with medium coverage. 
Fuscia-ristic looks a very bold, almost neon orange in the tube but transfers to a gorgeous peachy-pink and Plum Jam is a beautiful berry colour -  which again, appears far lighter than in the tube.
The gloss sticks apply evenly and they are also surprisingly wearable. I think this is mostly down to the high shine gloss and the fact that they are so buildable - you can apply a small amount for a 'light pick me up' or layer multiple coats for a more intense wash of colour.
The packaging is very Clinque Chubby Stick-esque with the same chunky tubes and twist up mechinism that reveals more product - so no need for messy sharpeners. 
The staying power is average for what I would expect from a gloss - you will have to take your gloss stick of choice in your handbag to reapply throughout the day but no need to use a mirror as the tip is the perfect size to apply the product. Large enough to do so quickly but not overly so that you have to watch where you apply, plus the coverage is great incase you make a mistake with no obvious smears to report if you go over the natural line of your lips!
Packaging wise - there really isn't anything to write home about. Soap & Glory aren't going to be receiving any awards here, which is a shame as I would have liked something along the lines of their bath product 'vintage' theme. There's nothing that screams 'Pick me up and swatch me!' and in all honesty had I not had time to really look at their products and swatch these - the packaging combined with the daring bold colours would be something I would most likely overlook. That being said, it's refreshing to see a brand that lets its products do all the talking - not relying on it's garish or copycat packaging (cough revlon cough..)
The only downsize (along with the unoriginal packaging) would be the range of colours - there are currently only three gloss sticks to choose from (the other being a nude).
I would definitely recommend you checking these out.

I decided to get the Eyeliner as part of the '3 for 2'. I've not owned a felt-tip liner before and have not really ventured too far away from my Loreal Carbon Gloss. I'm looking forward in seeing how this one measures up. I love that it is housed in it's own cardboard packaging (see 1st pic), It makes it feel so much more luxurious compared to the cellophane wrapped gloss sticks - not a deal breaker, but I love good presentation!
 Quite pricey at £10.00 though so I've got high hopes for this one!

I have recently run out of my Soap & Glory 'Clean on Me' body wash and was in need for a replacement. I loved this body wash whilst pregnant as it contained a good moisturiser within it which made it perfect because I couldn't always have the energy (or be bothered!) to apply moisturiser each day after my shower. I'm a massive fan of body washes that lather up though and although it did the job of keeping my skin moisturised It didn't contain enough foamyness for me!
I've heard good things on the sugar crush line and am excited in trying this out.

I also picked up two mini's. Hand food is an absolute staple in my handbag. It's lightweight in formula and quickly soaks into the skin but is rich enough to leave it feeling very nourished and moisturised. Plus the scent is the typical S&G smell - delicious!
Hand gel is a must for all mothers and the size is great to slot into Amelie's changing bag. It's gorgeously scented and the best bit - it doesn't have the smell of alcohol which is typical in other antibacterial gels.

What's your favourite Soap & Glory product?

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Bath & Body Works: White Barn - Marshmellow Fireside.

Another candle post today. If you haven't guessed already they are my new favourite thing at the moment!
 The reason for these sorts of posts is that we're currently redecorating our living room (post to come) and I've suddenly got all into my home decorations!
Today's post is White Barn's Marshmellow Fireside which you can purchase in Bath & Body Works. My lovely boyfriend's Nan very kindly bought this back from me on her recent trip to New York.
I've heard such good things about this one and 'Leaves' (which was no longer available - i think it only comes out in Autumn) & when she asked me if there was anything in particular that I wanted from there I jumped at the chance of owning one of these!

I've seen reviews that this brand is slightly less powerful in scent then Slatkin & co (also sold at BBW) but to be honest i wasn't left disappointed with this one. 
It has the perfect amount of scent, noticeable but not overpowering.
Marshmellow Fireside is descibed as toasted marshmellow, vanilla cream and smoldering wood. I wholeheartedly agree with this description - The vanilla & marshmellows is present to satisfy my sweet tooth but the rich 'woody' smell stops this candle from being too sickly.
One thing that I would add is that I can't express how much better this smells once lit and once blown out the smell really does linger for ages.

I wish they would have Bath & Bodyworks in England!

Friday, 14 December 2012

MAC Guilty Pleasures - Lavish Rose Set.

I've really fallen out of love with MAC in the recent months. I get so overwhelmed with new collections & product releases that in all honesty I've kind of lost track on which products are limited edition and which are in the permanent line. 
For this reason I've always been wary on purchasing a product for fear that I'll fall in love with it only to realise it's no longer available when it comes to repurchasing - believe me this has happened way too many times!
That being said I was on the Debenham's website last week when I realised they had 15% off on beauty & fragrances (side note - there is currently a 10% discount on this week!). After finishing my christmas shopping I realised I was £20.00 better off - very dangerous in a designer store!
I soon found myself scrolling through the pages of MAC where I came across their 2012 Holiday Collection.

It was fair to say I fell completely in love with its packaging. Pink & Bows - Yes please! 
I've always been a complete sucker for good presentation and this was definitely not an exception. It's just so cute & girly.
The lipglosses re housed in a circular box made of thick cardboard reminiscent in style to that of a hat box.
A big upgrade from the last Christmas collection which in my opinion was very bland an unimaginative. 
I plan on recycling this box and using this to organise my hairbands. It's just too pretty to throw away.

I decided on the Lavish Rose Set. 4 gorgeous lipglosses - (2 Dazzleglasses & 2 Cremsheen). 
I absolutely love the difference in colours between each gloss. You have got something for every look & occasion. 
The cute bow detailing on the lid of the box is also transferred to the lipglosses themselves making them super cute without being too sickly & OTT.

Here's whats inside the box:
Demure: Warm Pink with Blue Pearl (Dazzleglass Creme)
Going Casual: Sheer Lilac (Cremesheen Glass)
Boys Go Crazy: Deep Amethyst (Dazzleglass Creme)
Colour Satuation: Dark Cool Wine (Cremesheen Glass)

I'm most excited about 'Colour Satuation', I don't have anything like this in my collection and this shade is in keeping with the current season's colour trend.
The fact that it's a gloss doesn't make this as daunting as a lipstick too, plus the pigmentation is brilliant.

The only downside is that they are limited edition and as far as I know there aren't any of the 4 glosses to be included in the permanent range. 
I bought these last week so I can't guarantee that they are still around but would seriously urge you all to have a look in your local MAC stores to see if there are any available!

This set retails at £25.00 which I think is fairly reasonable considering there are 4 lipglosses. I had even thought about buying another set and splitting them up as part of mini stocking filler presents to friends.

Did you pick anything up from the 2012 Collection?
What is your favourite of the four lipglosses?

Monday, 10 December 2012

NEOM | Travel Candle Gift Set.

Believe it or not, I haven't actually tried any Neom products before.

I have to admit, I am a bit of a newbie to the candle world. I was given the Yankee Candle Summer Fragrance Mixology Gift Set (yes I did have to Google the name!) as a birthday present a few months back and I was really impressed with its strong scent and longevity. However, my living room has a very neutral (shock!) theme and is made up of Whites, Creams, Browns and Greys and although I liked the scents of some Yankee Candles the colours have put me off (especially if your going to spend £18.00 on a full size candle). I wanted a candle that would let its scent do all the talking and not the loud, bold colours to attract attention.
I then came across NEOM and instantly feel in love with their Ethos and that they only use natural ingredients - vegetable wax and 100% essential oils, thus, containing no parabens or nasties. This would explain the absence of black smoke once I blew the candle out and the lack of horrible black soot all around the sides of the glass.
Did I mention that Kate Moss, Daisy Lowe, Sienna Miller and Kylie are all fans? (Well if its good enough for Kylie..)

I decided on the Travel Candle Gift set (part of their Scent with Love gift range) containing 4 travel sized, best sellers.
I think this is great value in comparison to the full sized, three wick candle which is priced at £39.50. I simply could not justify spending this sort of money on one single candle alone.
Not only do you get the choice of four great scents but each candle is generously sized with a wax weight of 75g and a burn time of 20 hours per individual - a combining total of 80 hours! (30% longer than any of its competitors). The packaging itself screams luxury, housed in clear glass with NEOM Luxury Organics written on the face. But its the subtly and elegance that makes this brand a winner, each candle regardless of its scent has the same off white colour. Which fits in with any rooms colour scheme.

I love that Neom have included their most popular candles and not used any 'Christmas Scents' as I plan on using these sparingly throughout the year! I have also learnt from burning my Yankee Candles how different the scent was when burning so I'm glad that I have four variations to try.
Neom have incorportated different scents which not only means that I can have the choice depending on my mood but I can use them in different rooms depending on their suitability. (I currently have one in the Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room & Bedroom)

If you're not wanting to spend as much, as lets face it - the travel set is designed as a Christmas present (To me, From me). You could split the set up and give to multiple people for a smaller present, or give as a whole to one of your nearest and dearest. Neom also do each scent in the same travel sized for £15.00 which can be found on their website.
I love the idea behind the travel candles - you can pop them in your handbag if your in need of something luxurious away from home!

Yes they are expensive and had I not tried the Yankee Candles earlier on in the year I probably wouldn't have even considered spending this amount. 
But I have always been a believer in "buying cheap, buying twice". Granted, I don't use these every night and when they are lit, I am always aware on how long they have been burning for, but, Neom candles are honestly the longest lasting candles I've owned and they really do fill your room without being too overpowering.

If you are interesting in buying anything from Neom I would seriously urge you to have a look around to find discount codes. I saved myself a lovely £11.00 with 20% off from MakeupSavvys blog. Ta Fiona!

Have you tried any of NEOM's products before?
What candle company would you recommend?

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Debenhams 15% off Beauty & Fragrances

For those of you who still have people to buy for still..
I just thought I would let everyone know that Debenhams' are currently having a 15% sale off beauty* and fragrances ending tonight (Sunday 9th October).
It even includes their christmas gift set. Which is incredible!

I've bought my mother-in-law Urban Decay's Naked Palette.
My Brother 'Spice bomb' by Victor & Ralph and my mum 'Alien' by Thierry Mugler.


I managed to save myself over £20.00.

*Excludes Chanel. Full price only. Selected brand offer varies.

Amelie's 4 month Update | Baby Blog

Can anyone believe that it's December already? I am so excited for Christmas this year - the Christmas tree is already up and everything is starting to feel very festive in my household - there's something about christmas tree & candle lights that make everything appear far more homely. Rest assured the Christmas playlist on my Iphone has been played on repeat!
Amelie is now 1/3 of a year old and I'm finally slowing down on the christmas present buying (trust me she is a very spoilt little girl!). |'ve been very organised this year and have started buying presents for everyone well in advance (the previous Christmas' have involved a mad dash of running between shop to shop the day before - think Dales Supermarket Sweep and then add a wooly hat and you'll have the image of me!) We've even got her a stocking and I've given Santa his orders of present delivering.

Measurements: Height - 157cm
Weight - Just under 12lb. 
The health visitor came round last week and measured her - it turns out 91% of babies her age are bigger than her!
Amelie is finally fitting her 3-6 months which, naturally, has made everyone (me included) scower the baby clothing aisle at every given opportunity - Tesco has some amazing offers at the moment!
Eye colour - Blue
Hair Colour - Still mousey brown although we've both commented that she's getting fairer at the front. her hair is definitely growing and quite frankly I can't wait till I can start putting bows in it!

Feeding - Amelie is mainly on 180ml feeding although right before bed we tend to give her 210ml as she sleeps so well at night.

Winding - No complaints. Amelie's head control is improving on an almost daily basis and on several occasions she's managed to bring her own up so long as she's sitting up.

Sleeping - Still through the night! I'm starting to think you won't believe me! But honestly she goes down around the 9ish mark and will sleep through till about 8am. She'll average about 1-2 hours during the day (just enough time for me to do the immediate household chores).

Outings this month - We've kept this to a minimum partly because of the weather (it gets dark so early) and also because we are desperately trying to save. My mum and I took Amelie to see her auntie in Surrey for my auntie's birthday. I had a day trip window shopping in Kingston and I felt very festive as all the decorations that were up!

Date days/Nights - We left Amelie with her Nanny (Connor's Mum) in the middle of last month so we could go Christmas gift shopping. I have to admit as much as I missed her it was nice spending time with Connor on my own and enjoying a meal together uninterupted - you can't beat a good Nandos!

Highs this month? Going to see my auntie for her birthday.

Lows this month - Her injections (Again!) but this was the last one for about a year!

Looking forward to? - CHRISTMAS!!!

Least Looking forward to? The weather (again!)

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Wish List 2012

I can't get over how fast this year has gone. Already we are nearly into the second week of December. Its crazy!
I thought I would post my wish list for this year to give the poor old bearded chap a little helping hand in what would make me happy under the tree this year. Haha!

1. Lush - Snow Fairy Shower Gel
I am completely obsessed with this shower gel. I actually stock up as they don't go out of date for a good six months so I'm able to use them well into next year.
It smells exactly like candyfloss and has tiny speckles of glitter within it that doesn't transfer to your skin. Candy floss and Glitter; yes please!
I would seriously urge you to give this a go.

2. Bobby Brown - University Palette
Okay, this is a fantasy wish list item! I love the idea of having all BB concealers and foundation in one handy palette. I'm a fake tan lover so this would be great as it means I will always have a foundation/concealer shade suitable.

3. Zara - Leather Jacket With Shoulder Zips.
I actually know I'm getting this on Christmas Day courtesy of my lovely parents.
You can't go wrong with Zara leather. I have previously bought a leather jacket from them about 5/6 years ago and they keep really well.
Besides, Zara's pieces are very timeless and will look fashionable in seasons & years to come.
I love how the shoulder zips add an edgy element without being relevant to only one season.

4. Illamasqua - Nail Varnish in Creator.
Although not completely original in colour. I really love the overall effect on the nails and unlike adding a silver glitter to plain black nail polish I love the convenience of having them both in one bottle.
The finish looks gorgeous too!

5. Zara - Studded Leopard Print Ankle Strap Sandal
Another Zara item has made it on to this years Christmas wish list. Can you tell already what my favourite store is right now?
Complete statement piece. You could wear all black with the focus being on the shoes.
 I saw Dulce candy wearing these in a recent OOTD where she paired these with khaki trousers and a lightweight jumper and they looked amazing!
Leopard print and spikes - do I need to say anymore?

6. Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy.
I fell in love with this scent this time last year when I tempt at a high end beauty stand and instantly fell in love.
I haven't got round to buying this yet so I'm hoping that Santa or one of his helpers have this under the Christmas tree for me, come the 25th.

7. Moschino - Logo Leather Belt
A complete timeless piece.
Its chic and elegant yet the gold big letters make it edgy too. 
Its very versatile (goodo considering the price!) where you can wear this with just about anything, dressing it up or down.

What's on your Christmas Wish list this year?

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Skincare | Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Foaming Face Wash

I've been really loving Boots own brand 'Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Foaming Cleanser'. You can pick it up in your local boots for £3.49 and they regularly have promotional offers such as 3 for 2.
Don't get me wrong I do love my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish for a 'deep clean' but the whole muslin cloth exfoliating malarky just isn't something that's practical in my day to day life.
This was actually the first cleanser I ever bought when I was 13! Its so quick and easy to use (something I've found particularly important now that I'm a new mum!). I can use it first thing in the morning while I shower and last thing at night before bed - It literally takes me about a minute!
I've always kept a bottle of this in my bathroom and it's definitely been a cleanser that I can rely on to clear up any problematic areas if I've had any breakouts.

The cleanser is a light green colour in the bottle which is dispensed by a pump, transforming it to a white foam - magic!
It does have (as the name would suggest) a tea tree scent which I really like, but if you're a fan of fragrance free cleansers this isn't for you. 

I've got combination skin and I find that I really do need to use a good quality moisturiser (i'm currently using my Liz Earle moisturiser) as I found it to be quite drying on my forehead so I can't comment on how suitable it will be for people with dry skin but I can definitely recommend it for combination or oily skin types.

Okay.. I have to use it twice to remove my waterproof mascara, but as a quick solution thats more beneficial then a facial wipe, this is a great quick fix. I will continue to buy this bottle after bottle!

Whats your favourite cleanser?


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Spike Up Your Life

I've been absolutely loving Zara lately. 
Here are a pair of shoes I picked up last week.

I am in love! They are so wearable but can instantly add another element to any outfit and the fact that they are pumps make them perfect for daytime!

I'm in the process of writing a "How to style Studs and Spikes" post. I had hoped to get my  outfits photographed today but its pouring outside so hopefully this should be up next week!


Friday, 9 November 2012

Amelie's 3 Month Update | Baby Blog

Yet another month has flown by and Amelie is now 1/4 of a year old!
She's officially out growing more and more clothes on an almost daily basis. I've had to buy storage boxes to keep all her newborn clothes that no longer fit. She definitely can't get away with wearing them anymore!
She's now more alert than ever and is starting to become increasingly interactive and responsive, she makes little 'cooing' noises when you talk and she smiles in response to you voice, she seems to even want to be entertained now!
We bought a vibrating/rocker chair in my last month of pregnancy and she's recently been enjoying sitting in there. I think it was around the £50-60 mark and it vibrates and sings different nursery rhymes. 

Measurements - 13 weeks 1 day
height - 156cm
weight - 11lb 1 1/2 oz!
Amelie is starting to outgrow all her first size clothes. She's currently in the 'inbetween' sizes of 0-3 and 3-6 months.
Eye Colour - Blue!
Hair Colour - Mousey Brown.

Feeding - Amelie now feeds between 150ml and 180ml depending on the time of day and the time duration between feeds. 

Winding - Still relatively easy. Sometimes she will take a while to wind so I'll leave her to rest for a bit and occasionally this has resulted in her being sick but generally speaking she's good at burping!

Sleeping - Amazing! Throughout the month she has slept all the way through the night! We put her to bed around the 9.30 mark (same as always) and will often sleep through until around the 8am mark. Long may it continue!

Outings This Month - We haven't really been going on anywhere special. With the weather getting colder and the clocks going back it has made such a difference in what we do (particularly during the working week as Connor doesn't get back until 6.30 pm). We have gone to coffee shops and we still go out daily for Simba's walks - we just haven't been anywhere exciting!

Date Days/Nights - We went out for the first time clubbing this month and left Amelie in the safe care of her Nanny (Connor's mum). It was so weird as we hadn't been out for a good year! I honestly don't think we've been out properly since moving in and that was last October! I've never been a huge drinker so I opted not to drink but it was lovely to spend some time with our friends.
We also went into our local shops to do a bit of early christmas shopping, we're having everyone round our house this christmas and I wanted to start with our decorations!
It was our 3 year anniversary on Tuesday (6th Nov) so my mum said she'd look after Amelie so that we could have a nice evening.

Lows this Month? - Taking Amelie for her injections! She cried immediately afterwards but she soon forgot about it.

Highs this month? -  Halloween was a definite one! She looked so cute dressed as a pumpkin (although she didn't like her outfit too much!)
I also loved receiving her birth annoncements and posting them to family and friends - I have a lot of family who live abroad and have not yet seen Amelie so it was nice for them to receive.

Looking Forward to? - Amelie finally being able to fit into her 3-6 month clothes. She has so many cute outfits that I can't wait to put her in!

Least Looking forward to? -  Her next months injections - she has to have three in four weeks time!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Urban Decay | Smoked Palette

I recently purchased the new Urban Decay "Smoked" palette.
Being a fan of both Naked Palettes (which you can read HERE) I was full of high hopes for their latest release, but after swatching and playing about with the colours, I was left not as impressed as I had wished for.

The palette just seems very unimaginative. It's as though Urban Decay have combined  Naked and Naked 2 and mixed them with the 15th anniversary palette before placing them into the Midnight Emergency Kit's Packaging.
Not to mention that only 5 out of the 10 colours are new and exclusive (Kinky, Freestyle, Backdoor, Barlust and Asphalt), the other 50% have all appeared in previous palettes.
I'm not to sure on the palette's packaging. From the outside, it's very different to anything I've got in my collection, the use of black makes it really eye-catching not to mention in keeping with the "smoked" theme.
I do really like the zipper fastening, it makes the palette feel secure and something I'd feel comfortable to travel with.
However, once opened, I found the layout of the shadows wasteful - there is definitely a lot of unnecessary, excess packaging. 
Urban Decay do get bonus points for a big full screen mirror but in my opinion, they could have made their palette more compact.
I much prefer the layout of the Naked palettes.

The palette comes with a mini-travel primer potion, a full sized 24/7 eyeliner in the colour "perversion" and also a step-by-step guide containing 12 different looks.

I was very excited to see the tutorial booklet, complete with illustrative pictures of each finished look.  

I have yet to follow the instructions but having had a flick through, I'm really impressed with the varying, creative looks - there truly is something for everyone.
In particular, I'm really looking forward in stepping out of my comfort zone completely by having a go at recreating the "Enigma" look - incorporating Rockstar (a deep Aubergine with a shimmer finish) and Loaded (a deep Emerald Shimmer with a metallic base).

As always, UD have not scrimped on the quality of their shadows. They are beautifully pigmented, luxuriously creamy in texture and blend like a dream.
I had personally hoped that UD wouldn't venture too far towards "warm" or "cool" tones and I'm glad that they have kept to a happy medium, thus, appealing to a wide range of skin tones.

At £35.00 it's not an excessive amount of money for 10 eyeshadows, especially when their quality is considered.
But, it's the extras that make this palette value for money - Perversion 24/7 eyeliner is the blackest of blacks and the tutorial booklet is a fantastic asset for beginners and the more experienced alike.

Personally, I can't see this being my "go-to" palette. I'm a neutral girl at heart and for that reason I will always prefer the Naked and Naked 2 palettes, but with the help of their tutorial guide, I can, for sure, see myself using this to "sex up" my make up for a night on the town (!).
If, like me you're afraid of the smoked-eye look, then I would seriously recommend you to have a look at this palette, but if you're an owner of both Nakeds and the 15th anniversary palette you might want to give this one a miss (unless, of course, you're a frequent wearer of the smoky eye.)

Will you be buying the smoked palette?

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Amelie's 2 Month Update | Baby Blog

I can't believe, already a whole month has passed since her last update post - this year has flown by.
I was watching This Morning a few weeks ago and they had already started their 100 days countdown!
Amelie has changed so much this month, she seems to be doing something different almost on an everyday basis.

Measurements - 8 weeks 5 days old (last month I miscalculated - she was actually 4 weeks 3 days old!)
Height - 54cm
Weight is something I haven't really been keeping an eye on, its common for babies to fluctuate so rather than keep a close eye on this I just go by what the health visitors tell me.
Her last appointment was her 6 week check up and although they didn't weigh her they did say she was a healthy baby and well in proportion - they did measure her head circumference which was 39cm.
Eye colour - Blue! 
Hair Colour - It seems to change depending on the lighting, she's still a lot lighter than when she was first born but now she's got a slight red tint in natural light.

Feeding - Amelie is still feeding well. We've been going steady at 120ml each feed but she very often finishes this so we have started to increase this to 150ml if she's been asleep for a long period of time.

Winding - Still really good. She definitely lets us know if she's in pain! Quite often I'll let her rest for a few minutes before winding as it gives her time to relax (or as I like to think of it - the 'burp' to develop!). I regularly change her nappy straight after feeding and then burp her.
As of yet she hasn't kept us up at night with her crying in pain.

Sleeping - Amelie is being amazing with sleeping through the night. She must of had a total of 9 nights now sleeping through and when she doesn't she only wakes up once! We took the big step of moving her into her own room - I know this is quite a controversial topic BUT quite often we were the ones that woke her during the night especially with Connor leaving early to commute to London.
Amelie hardly sleeps through the day which makes it hard to keep the house in check, my laundry and ironing baskets are forever full but I can't complain!
We're still keeping to the same routine as last month, she's usually in bed come 9.30pm.

Outings - I've become more and more confident with going out with her. I've practically recovered now so I'm keeping active by going on daily walks with her in the pram and Simba on his lead. Okay, I'm definitely not ready to run the marathon but I'm finding each week I can walk further and further.
I've also finally been able to drive again which has made my life far more exciting. I've been keeping busy seeing my friends at the start of the month before they all go back to Uni which was nice - I even ventured out for a pub lunch with one of my besties!

Date Days / Nights - We haven't really gone anywhere this month. It's more been the case of having my mum round to babysit for a few hours while I crack on with the household chores! 
I've come to realise that as long as you've got everything organised and hygienic you can look past the untidiness.

Lows this month? I was nervous taking her for her 'clicky hip' appointment. Everything is fine and completely normal though!

Highs this month? Amelie's daily giggles and random smiles. She also makes 'cooing' noises which is so cute! We finally got round to ordering Amelie's birth annoncement cards. I  can't wait till they get here!
We also went shopping and bought some amazing bargains in the 'end of summer' sale. We're going on holiday in February and she's got all her clothes sorted.

Funniest moments? The dog is so good with her, I try and 'include' him as much as possible (by this I mean letting him sniff Amelie in the morning etc). One morning he was sniffing her feet with his back legs by her shoulders and she suddenly reached out and wrapped her legs around his back legs. 

Looking forward to? Halloween! I've bought her the cutest little costume! I also finaklly got round to ordering hr birth annoncement cards (better late then never!) and i'm looking forward to posting the out next week!

Least Looking forward to? The cold weather. Some days have been so rubbishy and wet.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Real Techniques Brushes - A Real Investment?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you would have heard of "PIXIWOO" the brain child of sisters Samantha and Nicola Chapman, I for one have been a subscriber to them on youtube for years and absolutely love their tutorials and videos!
"Real Techniques" is a brush line set up and designed by Samantha.
I was very pleased to see that my latest trip to Boots saw all 'Real Techniques' brushes on a special promotion - "Buy One Get One Half Price'. Not that I needed much persuasion, you just have to go as far as YouTube to see the countless amazing reviews!
But I finally gave into the hype and quickly grabbed the Core Collection and Stippling Brush into my shopping bag and made a quick beeline for the tills.

The Core Collection - RRP £21.99
The Core Collection has four brushes (- Buffing Brush, Detailer Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush and Contour Brush) all of which are neatly contained in a handy case, perfect for either travelling or displaying neatly on your make up counter. It also has extra spaces to hold other brushes.
 (in the picture below I have added the 'Stippling Brush')
 I personally prefer to use a 'buffing' foundation brush as apposed to the more traditional pointed foundation brush, and have quickly changed my usual MAC 187 Brush (hauled HERE) which I had used religiously on an almost daily basis to the 'Buffing Brush' and will not be looking back!
The real techniques buffing brush applies my foundation flawlessly in less than two minutes, and the synthetic taclan hair used on all their brushes means that not only are they cruelty free, but they make cleaning them a dream - taking literally 20 minutes to dry! The brushes themselves are made out of aluminium making them super light in weight - perfect for transporting and the choice of colours offer something different to the typical black and silver brushes favoured by MAC, Sigma and Crown (to name a few).
I also love the Contour Brush, at the moment I use Chanel's Soleil Tan De Chanel, Bronze Universal - a cream matt bronzer and have really struggled finding the perfect brush to apply it with. (You can read more about both the contour brush and Chanel's bronzer in a post that should be up soon!)
I have yet to try the other two brushes, I've always preferred to apply concealer with my fingers and well as stated above, the pointed foundation brush just doesn't appeal to me.
But considering the £21.99 price - it still makes excellent value for money, especially considering the hefty pricetag of MAC's 187.

The Stippling Brush - RRP £11.99
I purchased the stippling brush for half price, mainly as a comparison to the buffing brush.
I can't really comment on it's performance as I've yet to apply my foundation with it and will post a review once I have soon!

Have you tried Real Technique Brushes?


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