Monday, 21 January 2013

A Last Reminder Of Christmas.

On the weekend I popped into my local Tescos for the weekly food shop and to have a browse at the baby event offers and I found myself scrolling the beauty aisle.
I came across the last of Treacle Moon limited edition Christmas shower gels & fell in love with Warm Cinnamon Nights.
I think this was reduced by 50 pence, although the original price of £2.99 is still very reasonable for a 500ml bottle.

I've not owned any Treacle Moon products before, but from what I can see its very similar to Boot's "Little Bubble Company" when it comes to packaging. Both products are housed in the same transparent bottle with equally cute designs. 
It could be argued that both are 'knock off' versions of Philosophy bath products.
The shower gel itself ticks all the boxes: it lathers up nicely, doesn't dry my skin out and still lingers for a good couple hours afterwards.

It's completely different to anything I've ever had in my shower, typically I always find myself buying either citrusy or sweet scents so this made for a refreshing (pardon the punn!) change.

The scent is a tricky one to explain, it's described as having hints of spicy clove, syrupy ginger, vanilla, sweet honey topped with zesty orange & stewed apple..and I can definitely smell elements of them all. 
I'm also pleased to say that the Cinnamon is not overpowering, leaning more to the fruity side of spice thanks to the orange and apple, compared to your typical Cinnamon scent.
If I could capture the smell of Christmas in a bottle - This would be it. 

After doing a bit of research, I found out that this shower gel was created by the public through a monthly competition on the brands website
The next limited edition is Iced Strawberry Dream, which will be available from June 2012 and looks to be a definite one I'm going to pick up.

Have you got any shower gels you'd recommend?

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Amelie's 5 Month Update| Baby Blog

I can now officially say Amelie was born last year!
Connor broke up on the Thursday before Christmas and it was great to spend some quality time together. We had been pretty organised with the preparations for Christmas Day and had bought all our presents well in advanced so we were able to have a pretty chilled out weekend beforehand and concentrate on sorting out the house.
My side of the family decided to visit my Nan in Cornwall so we spend the Saturday before Christmas together, swapping presents and eating a Indian takeaway (very traditional..)
Christmas was very busy this year, we are usually the ones visiting everyone so it was nice to stay at home all day for once. We had 7 eating for breakfast and 6 eating for dinner so it was all "hands on deck" to ensure that everything was cooked, washed & ready for the second sitting! 
I've only just recovered from being the hostess but it was really nice not to drive anywhere.
After that very long introduction let's get on with Amelie's progress.

Amelie hit a massive milestone this month - she can now roll over!
She's becoming such a little monster and has the cheekiest personality with the smile to go with it!

 I'm unsure of the exact number, it's been difficult measuring her with the run up to Christmas. She's now managing to comfortable fit in the majority of her 3-6 month clothes. Last month involved a lot off turned up sleeves and saggy feet where her legs weren't quite long enough, and now everything fits - snug as a bug!
She was given so many Christmas presents and I'm looking forward in dressing her up for our holiday next month. As well as clothes for spring and summer.
We've got two holidays planned for this year one next month, where we're going to Lanzarote for a week and the next one at the end of June where we're going to Portugal for two weeks. I'm so excited and can't wait to see her kicking her legs in the pool!

Eye colour - Still really blue. I'm quietly confident that they are going to stay this colour now.
Hair colour - Mousey brown, occasionally in some lights it varies with colour. Some lights make it look fairer, almost blonde. In other lights it does have the slightest red tint but I think she'll be a brunette when she grows up!

Feeding - We're hoping to start Amelie on feeding this month. Before all you health and safety folks tell me to wait until she's 6 months, I've spoken with my health visitor and have the green light from her. She advised that anything over 20 weeks is fine, and I want to make sure she's at least use to something else.
She's still going well with her bottles, feeding has increased to 210ml per feed, and she'll usually feed every 3-5 hours.

Winding - An improvement on last month. I sit her up after her bottle and she will usually be able to bring it up on her own.

Sleeping - Still really, really good! Connor and I keep joking that I'll next baby will be the "Devil's child" because she sleeps so well. Fingers crossed that this continues when she starts teething! 
In the last week she's had a stinking cold which has caused a bit of disruption - but that's more getting her off to sleep. Once she's down she sleeps through the night.

Teething - Nothing to report yet. She's dribbling like crazy, always has her hands in her mouth but no pegs to be seen! 
For all new mums, I'd seriously urge you to try Dribble Bibs. They are a god send in saving  on your washing when it comes to dribbling, and they look pretty fashionable too!

Date Nights - We went out to celebrate Connor's Gran's 70th this month and we left Amelie in the very capable hands of my best friend (and Amelie's godmother - side note I really need to start planning Amelie's christening!). Kim has been round children throughout her life as her mother works as a foster parent so I knew she would be more than capable & we really enjoyed having the night off..and a reasonable lay-in in the morning!

Goings out - The weather has been absolutely miserable this month. I'm not sure where you all live, but the UK has been riddled with floods. Fortunately our home hasn't been flooded but there's been warnings and alerts everywhere advising people not to drive in certain places. It's been an absolute nightmare and my heart goes out to everyone who has been affected.
As for goings out - we've just done the usually. A few outings before Christmas buying presents etc.

Highs this month - Christmas!!! Amelie didn't really know what was going on. I felt I needed to put extra effort in with decorations this year, it has got me so excited to think about what next year has in store.

Lows This Month? - Her cold. We managed to get through Christmas but she's been quite poorly and bunged up for New Years and the first week of January. Fortunately, she's on the mend now and is over the worst of it, but I hated seeing her in discomfort.

Looking forward to? - Our holiday next month. Amelie's passport arrived last week and this has just fuelled my excitement! I can't wait to get away!

Monday, 7 January 2013

The Liebster Award

I was nominated for the liebster award by two lovely ladies; Pauline from "thisgirlloveschic" & Sandy from absolutebeaut. Ta Girlies!
I enjoy reading both blogs and was really chuffed that they nominated me.
This award is fantastic for new bloggers to network and develop relationships with like minded people. I think its a brilliant way of discovering new blogs too.

The rules:
1. Choose 100 people with less than 200 followers and link them in your post.
Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
Go to their page and tell them that you've nominated them
No tag backs.
Answer the questions that the moninator set for you plus create 11 questions for your nominees.

What made you start your blog?
I've always been into fashion and make up. I remember seeing Cher Lloyd performance on the XFactor and loved a pair of leggings that she wore in one of the live shows.
As i searched on google, I found a load of OOTD's inspired by Cher lloyd written by bloggers and then became hooked.
What are your top three hair care products of all time?
Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner - This stuff smells like bubblegum and is amazing!
Morroccan Oil - a pricy pic, but a bottle will last you forever; i've had mine about a 12 months and I'm not even half way through yet.
James Brown Volumising Moose - The best hair moose I've ever tried. It's light weight and doesn't make my hair sticky or crunchy after use. It just gives your hair the most amazing volume. I love it!
What is your dream job?
My absolute dream hob would be to blog full tine. I've been on maternity leave this past year and I've really dedicated a large portion of my time in between looking after Amelie to my blog an watching people on YouTube - I'd love to make this my income.
A girl can wish...
If you could only use one make up brand, what would it be?
Oo this is a toughy! I think i would have to go with MAC just on the basis that there is such a vast choice in each product; whether thats foundation, eye shadows, lipstick.. there is something to suit every occasion.
What do you aim to acheive with blogging?
My number one aim is to achieve honesty. I'm always 100% truthful with every aspect of my blog. If a product is 99% perfect I'll be sure to mention the 1% thats wrong.
I'd also like to inspire someone, If someone makes a purchase through my recommendation or reviews that would make my day.
What are your beauty secrets?
Drink plenty of water & always take your make up off.
Store your make up wipes upside down to maintain the moisture for those naughty nights when you can't be bothered to wash your face!
Who is your fashion inspiration?
Hands down Olivia Palermo. She's absolutely gorgeous & manages to be sexy without showing an inch of skin. Seriously how is it possible for one woman to be so fashionable all the time!
If you could only wear one lipstick all your life what would it be?
I actually don't really wear a lot of lipstick. So i'm going to change this to Collection 2000's Rock Steady - it's a gorgeous wearable nude. It's perfect wearing on it's own or applying over a bright pink to tone down. 
Top online make up stores?
I buy a lot of things through the Debenhams website. They regularly have great discounted offers and the postage is always really quick.
I also go on discounted make up websites. I've ordered from Cheap Smells & Fragrances Direct several times and are very reputable companies. I'd urge you all to check these out for little bargains!
Describe yourself in one word?
I've really thought about this question and the one word that I keep coming back to is Positive. I try and face everyday with a positive attitude, I think it makes you appreciate the little things in life and makes dealing with the bigger things that little bit easier.


What was your first ever make up?
I think my first make up was a foundation from NO7 when I was about 13. I remember it being in a black squeezy tube and it being quite a thick consistancy. Like a cream/liquid hybrid. I don't even think they still sell it.
Looking back its everything I don't want in a foundation but at the time I was in love with it and I think I went on to repurchase it 3 or 4 times!
When did you first start blogging and why?
I first started about 2 years ago, on and off. I've only really taken it seriously since September 2012.
I started blogging after reading other beauty blogs and being inspired by their fashion outfits and reviews.
Does your mum think you're as crazy as my mum does for having so much make up?
Absolutely. Although she'll often come round to my house before she goes out to somewhere fancy to borrow something or other.
What would be your dream career?
My dream career would be to blog for a living.
If you had to choose, what would be your makeup product ever?
 Mascara - I've got massive eyes and without mascara I look half dead!
Snog, marry avoid on Phil Mitchell, Jack Branning and Alfie Moon?
Snog - Jack Branning. Marry - Alfie Moon & Avoid Phil Mitchell!
Favourite shop ever?
Zara - It's so stylish and the quality is always really good.
Jeans or dresses?
Dresses - There's too much variety.
What would you rather pick for the rest of your life, skincare or makeup?
I'd rather have make up - probably a contraversial answer but I've never really had a massive problem with my skin (touchwood!). I've only ever really had the one spot and I would always be able to cover that! I could always wash my face with water if need be, as long as I keep to non waterproof mascaras!
What would be your ultimate make up look?
Something along the lines of Kim Kardashian. Sultry Smokey eyes, highlighted face and a nude lip!
I have a big list of things I want to do in life. What would be the top thing on your list?
To get married :)

My Questions:
1. When it comes to accessories - Gold or Silver?
2. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
3. My biggest weekness are highlighters. I'm on the hunt for Kim K's glow! What's your make up weekness?
4.. If you had the choice of only wearing eyeshadows or only wearing lipsticks what would you choose?
5. Which blogs inspire you the most and why?
6. You are given £1000 but can only spend on makeup or clothes. Which do you choose?
7. What are your thoughts on UGGS - yes or no?
8. If money was no option, what designer handbag would you choose?
9. You are going out for a day of shopping but only have 5 minutes to get changed (your make up is already done) what clothes would you choose? 
10. What type of blog posts do you enjoy reading the most?
11. What is your favourite drug store make up brand?

I tag:
I would love it if you could all link your responses below!

Please check out all the lovely ladies mentioned.
Thanks to Pauline & Sandy for nominating me. I've really enjoyed answering your questions

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Nars| Laguna Bronzer & Turkish Delight Lipgloss

So I finally caved.
With exception to Chanel's infamous cream bronzer - Soleil Tan De Chanel. I haven't owned a 'high end' bronzer before. 
You only have to go as far as watching Tanya Burr or Fleur De Force's youtube channel before realising Nars' Laguna Bronzer is a regular feature responsible in achieving their sunkissed yet wearable glow.

I absolutely love this bronzer! For me it has the perfect amount of pigmentation its also really buildable and the small amount of glitter gives you a great sun kiss glow without making you look like a glitter ball. The best part about this bronzer is that it is not the least bit orangey. I recently fake tanned before I went out to celebrate my best friends birthday, which had meant my current foundation was  slightly too pale - and this was my saving grace to insure my face was the same colour to the rest of my body!

I just wish NARS would change their packaging! It looks fantastic when new but leave it a week in your make up bag and it quickly gains finger print marks with its rubbery casing. For its high end price tag I had hoped that NARS would use something more durable.

The next product that I bought was Kim Kardashian's "go to" lipgloss - Turkish Delight. 
I have to say I am so disappointed with this product! To start with the price was outrageous and if i'm completely honest without a famous celebrity singing its praises I probably would have done my research before parting with my £17.50.
The smell is just awful, I know it isn't designed to be eaten but any product on the lips is going to be inevitably tasted and for the best part of £20 it wouldn't have taken much to add a nice taste, even if they played it safe with a soft menthal flavour. As it stands it tastes so chemical. Damn you celebrity endorsement!
The packaging is in the typical NARS format - plain and sleek, nothing to write home about. I don't feel 'extra' special taking this out my handbag especially when its compared to its nearest pricing rivals.
I also imagined it to be bigger than it is.

It does look fantastic over pink lipstick and makes MAC St Germaine daytime wearable, but on its own it leaves my lips feeling very dry.
 I wouldn't consider my lips to be overly chapped but it really highlighted the lines and it made them really noticeable even though they are barely there normally. Besides the colour pigmentation is very poor. It looked a perfect pale pink in the tube but once applied to the lips it was so milky - like I had just downed a strawberry milkshake and forgot to lick my lips!

Maybe my estimations of the lipgloss were just a little too high - I did have the hope that I would magically be transformed into Kim K herself and realistically it is just a lipgloss, albeit a very expensive one! Unfortunately it's one of the few products that I feel is completely overrated.

What's your favourite Nars Products?

Friday, 4 January 2013

Naked Basics | Urban Decay

Meet the newest member of the Naked family - the basics palette. Released just in time for Christmas (online exclusive to Debenhams) this was sure to be on every beauty junkie's wish list, mine included. 
My lovely boyfriend bought this for me on behalf of Amelie's present to me.

To start it's just so god damn convenient! For me, this ticks all the boxes as to what packaging I want in a palette. It's securely housed in a hard, rubbery case (similar to that of NARS) with a mirror covering the inside lid. Not to mention how compact it is - it fits comfortably in the palm of my hand and you'll always be able to take it with you. 
 I can see this being a staple in my make up bag when I return to work.

That being said when I opened my palette. I had two dents above the eyeshadows. I'm going to put this down to a manufacturing fault, although it could have become dented in travel, in which case this doesn't bow well to carry around in my handbag.

Now let's get down to the nitty gritty..I'm glad that UD have listened to their consumers in regards to producing a matte palette as 5/6 are without any form of shimmer.The only exception being Venus which has a slight shimmer, but seeing as this will be used as a highlighting colour I can let them off.
Considering that the others are matte shades the overall pigmentation is brilliant. Notoriously matte's have a lot less colour payoff and I'm actually pleasantly surprised at the results. Even without my beloved UDPP they don't appear the least bit chalky.
Due to 50% of the colours - I can see this being more favourible for fair/medium skintones although it claims to be a universally suited palette.

Here's a breakdown of the colours:
Venus - Soft, Off-White Demi-Matte.
This is the only non matte shadow in this palette. I can see this being used in the inner corner of my eyes.
Foxy - Cream Bisque matte
This colour was featured in Naked2. I'd describe it as buttery yellow in colour, I didn't reach for it much in that palette and i'm a bit gutted that they've decided to add this again in this one. 
I would have preferred to have a repeat of Virgin which was found in the original Naked palette.
(Walk Of Shame) W.O.S - Very light nude matte.
This colour is my least favourite of the six, in my opinion it is far to similar to Foxy. It also had the least amount of pigmentation. It took multiple swipes to show up and even then it's barely visible on the photograph although this could be down to it being the exact shade of my skin tone (MAC NW20) in which case; I can see myself using this to colour correct my eye lids before using a lid colour, and also to set my primer.
Naked2 - Taupe matte.
By far my favourite. It looks good placed on my lid, crease, lower lash line, wherever.
Faint - Warm dusty brown matte.
A brilliant crease colour for a subtle neutral eye, perfect for the day time.
Crave - Deepest darkest brown/black matte.
I'm glad that they have added a blackened brown to this palette. It makes this palette perfect to use for a day to night transformation. I also like that its not a pure black colour as I found Blackout (featured in Naked 2) to be too harsh to wear during the day.

My overall feelings on this palette is that I understand the theory behind the palette but I think it's execution was awful.

In terms of comparing this to its ancestors, I'm on the fence with this one and to be honest I'd be lying if I thought this palette was an essential. I'm a collector, so for me this was a no brainer but it won't be something i'll use everyday and If I had time to get ready each morning this would definitely not be my 'go to' palette. Also, the lack of colour shades makes it hard to come up with a variety of looks. 
I suppose this all comes down to whether you're looking for a neutral palette with a variety of shades, or if you're looking for something that is convenient, day time wearable and completely 'no frills'. If you have the money to spend I would advise you to invest in Naked or Naked 2 (click HERE for a comparison). However, if you prefer the latter or are completely new to the make up world and don't own either of the Naked's than this is perfect  - it's completely fool proof and has everything you need for your Basic (see what I did there?!) neutral eye.

Will you be buying it?

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Shopping The Christmas Sales 2012.

Look at me with my second daily consecutive post. Part of my new years resolution (post to come) is to post more regularly. Admittedly I'm probably not going to be able to do so every single day, but I'm really going to make a conscious effort to blog more. 
Jeez could I of mention the words Blog and Post anymore? Blog, Post, Blog, Post...

 I was in two minds as to publish this post. I didn't have much for Christmas as it's been a tradition for both me and my brother to receive mostly money to spend in the sales after Christmas.
I thought I would let you all know of the brilliant discounts available once Christmas is over. If you can hold your nerve that is..

First stop was Zara. I actually stayed up till midnight on Christmas Day for this sale, and a good thing that I did as by 9.00am Boxing Day everything I ordered was either no longer available in my size or sold out completely. Here's what I bought:

If you have been a reader of my blog you would have known that I posted about my CHRISTMAS WISH LIST last month - in it I really wanted a pair of Leopard Print Shoes and I was in two minds to order these before Christmas. 

I know these aren't to everyone's taste but I absolutely love them! They're such a statmeent piece and the most perfect accessory to jazz up even the simplest of outfits. And for a lovely £20 off too.

Next up was a pair of black patent ankle boots. Another shoe I'd found myself repeatedly checking to see if they were still available. For the last month the only size in stock was mine, and I would have been lying if I wasn't tempted to buy them there and then.

They are so perfect with a real timeless style and the quality means they will keep for years to come. Shiny patent at the front with a suede-type material at the back. I feel that the gold zips on either side of the boot adds a real edgy look whilst still maintaining its youthfullness, and the chunky heel makes for comfortable walking. I broke these babies within one day of wearing them!

An all round versatile shoe, you could wear these to glam up leggings but can also be worn with denim shorts in the warmer months. A little expensive, even after the £10 reduction, but I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of these.

My final shoe purchase is something I hadn't planned on buying but simply couldn't say no to when I saw this offer - £79.99 reduced to £39.99! Amazing, especially considering they're made from real buffalo leather which will last an age! 

How cute is the studded detailing?

I've been finding myself reaching for my uggs way to often this winter and was in desperate need of something a little smarter.

Ever since the birth of Amelie I've had to drastically cut the size of my handbags down. I bought THIS bag (also from ZARA!) and have really had lots of wear out of it, but it's a little bit too small - I really missed having a purse and as a result my coins ended up everywhere!
I bought this one which is a little more day time friendly. I love the quilted effect replacing the studs on my previous handbag and it's a little bit bigger to fit my purse.

This is a really naughty purchase - but I don't own any tan bags at all! It's brilliantly sized for when I need to take more stuff with me and has gorgeous little studded detailing front as well as two cute little tassels on the straps.
I think the straps are actually removable which means that this can double up as a clutch for those romantic date nights!

I also had a little look at the Topshop website.

Peplum Boucle Top:
I finally gave in to this. I had worried that this would make me look bigger than I am but it's actually surprisingly flattering!
I read the reviews before purchasing this and I'm so glad that I did as everyone had said to order the next size up, which I did and it fits me perfectly!

Heart Jumper:
I love this jumper. Comfort is a massive influence in what I wear, but I also like to be moderately fashionable and this is a great compromise! I think this would be great paired with simple black leggings and a wince warm scarf.

I love how the jumper is made of little knotted cotton pieces which means that I don't have to worry about it scratching Amelie.

Did you get anything nice in the Christmas Sales?

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

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Lush Goodies

Call me crazy but I really don't understand the hype surrounding Lush products. I've tried a few things from the permanent line such as their lip scrubs (which dried out within a week of opening) & bath bombs (which in my opinion are far too over priced) but I've never been blown away by anything.
That being said If theres one thing that I love it's their Limited Christmas Shower Gel. I stock up every Christmas so that I have access to it throughout the whole of next year.
I got a couple bottles to unwrap at Christmas but I went to Lush yesterday with the hope of buying some back ups but they had all sold out.

When I walked into the shop I was quickly approached by one of the friendly sales assistants who told me that they had sold out of almost every Christmas product well before the 25th and that this year was their busiest ever in the run up - even the gift sets.
The only thing they had left were their Christmas soaps which were a generous 50% off.
I'd never tried any of their soaps before and seeing as they were now discounted I went over to see if any took my fancy.

Here's what I bought:
Angels Delight - £4.46
This smelt really similar to snow fairy, I believe that this soap is actually included in the Christmas Snow Fairy Gift set. 
To me it smells of Candyfloss & Jelly Beans. Each piece of the soap is different based on where your cut of the chunk came from. My bar was originally valued at £8.91 and is pink with blue and orange coloured blocks running through it. I saw on the chunk that there were purple stars (but unfortunately I didn't get any - I picked up a pre-wrapped piece), gold glitter flakes and a beautiful golden moon on top (which I was temped to buy purely for display use!).
I'm really excited about trying this out. 

Northern Lights - £4.65
I was then drawn to Northern Lights, as you can see it's really eye catching! It's a very bright Neon yellow with green and orange blocks all swirled together.
This scent smells incredible. It's sharp, zingy and is everything you need to wake you up on cold winter mornings.
Personally I can see this being more of a summer soap with its citrus scent.
I've heard that this is now being discontinued and will not be appearing next Christmas and so I'd urge you to check out you're nearest Lush store in the next couple of days for a chance of buying it.

(TESTER) Snow Cake
I was given a very generously sized tester.
When the sales assistant gave me a demonstration (not that I needed any help on how to wash my hands) It felt so creamy & nourishing on the skin, it doesn't lather which is a bit disappointing.
I was told this has almond in but to me it smells very fresh and a bit like vanilla with a hint of warm spice.
It smells a lot better on the skin then in bar format.

I plan on cutting these into smaller more 'palm friendly' sizes. Which hopefully should prolong their life, although I have heard they last ages.

Have you tried any of the LUSH soaps?
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