Monday, 14 March 2011


As stated in a previous blog which you can read HERE, I have recently purchased some make up brushes from ElF.
I have been reading a lot of reviews about this make-up company and with the average price per product of £1.50, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and see what all the fuss was about!
I ordered my items on Friday morning, seeing there was free delivery on all orders over £30, and me being a girl who loves any form of freebies (who doesn't?!), I thought this qualified as a good enough excuse for me to order slightly more then I initially thought.
On Monday morning my phone went off to a text regarding my order:
I was really very impressed with the direct form of contact ELF had to offer, Not only did I have an email but I had a text message as well :). 10/10 ELF for customer service! 
My order took exactly a week to come - arriving at my door on Friday morning. I have to say if I hadn't of qualified for free delivery, I would have been a bit miffed that my parcel took quite so long to arrive. Bare this in mind, if you order this as a birthday present etc.
It was really refreshing to see that although the products weren't particularly expensive, the parcel was packed with a lot of care - each brush was individually wrapped and specifically placed. The parcel itself was lined with bubble wrap to prevent my products from damage whilst in transit.

Here is what I ordered:
I chose to remove each brush from the packaging for comparison purposes.
Elf Professional 9 Piece Master Set 1813 - £15.00
These brushes came in a 'Travel Roll' (Not Pictured) - I will take some pictures of the packaging when it comes to the review of these brushes.
Eye Crease Brush 1823 - £1.50
Fan Brush 1824 - £1.50
Blending Eye Brush 1803 - £1.50
♡ Mechanical Eyelash Curlers 1705  £1.50
Kubuki Brush 6802 - £5.00 
Not pictured as I am an idiot and forgot to include it! I'll post these pictures at a later date.
Bamboo Complexion Brush 6812 - £5.50

I also decided to splash out (by elf's standards but still incredibly cheap compared to other companies mind) on the Bamboo Complexion Brush. 
There is definitely a huge difference with the quality of this product in comparison to the 'professional' range. The brush is so incredibly soft, and is so chunky and sturdy to hold - I can see this being very useful to have perhaps even becoming a staple item to my daily beauty routine.

Overall I'm really happy with this order. The products are immaculate and I really like the fact that each brush carries the same appearance and theme. The handles are all the same colour (apart from the Kubuki and Bamboo brushes) with the writing engraved on each handle. Very professional - It's the little things that matter in my opinion :).

Review will be shortly.
Stay tuned for my first AVON order, reviews and the Elf Kubuki Brush!
Hope you had a great weekend!
I'd love to hear your thoughts?
Have you purchased anything from Elf before?
Do you think there is a particular brush/make-up item that I'm missing out on?

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