Wednesday, 2 March 2011

When in first you don't succeed, try and try again!

I can't believe I have finally managed to buy it!
This dress came out in September 2010. I had my eye on it as the dress for my eighteenth birthday but with the inital £150 price tag, I just couldn't justify spending that amount of money on a dress I would probably only wear once.
About a month ago I saw that this dress had now been reduced to £75. But, of course, by the time i noticed, the only sizes available were either size 4 or size 16. 
A couple of weeks later, I noticed that the dress was back in stock and my size was available. Knowing that I wouldn't be paid till the end of the month, I asked my mum if I could pay on her card with the intention of paying her back once I received my pay check. Somehow, I must of entered the wrong security code on the back of the card, which resulted in my order failing. Instead of keeping the items aside for me to reorder, Asos puts my item back on the website to be resold. So when it came to reordering my products they were again, out of stock :(. Are you feeling sorry for me yet?
After checking daily ever since my last order failed, the dress was no where to be seen, a couple of days ago I gave up my search. Today, I did my monthly shop of Asos, after purchasing two items that I have had my eye on for a while I looked to see if the dress was back in stock. It was - but the only size available was a size 8. 
Seeing as I am hopefully going to commit to a diet soon, and that this dress and size was the last in stock, and most likely (as the dress had been on the 'clearance' section for a while) would be the last ever stock they would be getting in. I quickly clicked 'add to bag' and paid for my item.
The only downside of today was the fact that my two orders (my monthly purchases and my dress) combined would have qualified for 'Free Next Day' had I paid for them in one transaction.
As a result, although I've still qualified for 'Free Standard Delivery', I have to wait till next Monday for them both to arrive.
Here's what was bought
 ASOS WHITE WOOLY Shearling Boot
RRP £125.00. (But were reduced to £68.00!)
I was really torn with whether to go for Black or Tobacco, but seeing as my size was only available in black this made my mind up. 
Black does indeed go with more colours - more outfits - and therefore more times to wear them.
The link to these Shoes can be found HERE

 ASOS PETITE Iggy Overdyed Black Skinny Jean
RRP £30.00 (but reduced to £18.00!)
Black jeans, as I'm sure you ladies would agree is an essential item for anyone and everyone. They really do go with everything.
Plus I can definitely combine my new Shoes with my new Jeans - Bonus!
The link to these Jeans can be found HERE

and finally..
 ASOS PETITE Exclusive Feather Corset Dress
RRP £150.00 (but reduced to £75.00)
Isn't it just so nice?
I've definitely got a thing when it comes to white dresses. I own 5 already - more the merrier, right?
I plan on saving this dress for a 'special occasion', it is probably to 'dressy' in my opinion to wear for just a night out. I'll either wear it for my boyfriends birthday, prom or (if i can wait that long) my birthday in September
I'm just praying that this size dress fits :)
This Dress can be found HERE
(if anyone looks on this link and finds it in a size 10 please let me know!)

I worked out that, with the overall discount, I have saved (on all my products and Free Standard Delivery) an amazing £150.90!
Hope you have a great day!
Images are taken from the Asos website - images solely used for demonstration purposes only.
Pricing of products were correct at time of this blog entry.

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