Thursday, 24 February 2011


Being a full time student and only working 9 hours at my part time job means that I don't have a lot of money to splash out on the things I love.
I was watching my usual programmes one day last week and I stubbled across an Avon advert. Could it be possible that i could combine my love of make up with some marketing experience? Apparently so.
Not wanting to waste any time i jumped straight on to my computer to register my interest. I then waited a few days before being contacted by an Avon Team Leader. We  booked an appointment on Tuesday 22nd February with each other to discuss further what the job would entail.
The girl was really nice, she explained what the scheme was and gave me all the information needed, she also gave me 20 catalogues to help get me started. 
Basically I am considered 'self employed' as an Avon Representative, this means that I can work as many hours as I want, as often as I want. I also receive 20% commission on everything that is ordered from the catalogues I deliver. I can receive dramatic discount on Avon products I can buy cosmetics two brochures in advance. FANTASTIC!
I have three weeks to deliver my catalogue to my houses before the next issue comes out. I worked out I have about 170 houses, so I chose to collect my catalogue three days after it had been delivered to any one house. (e.g deliver catalogue on Wednesday collect on Friday)
I spent all of yesterday afternoon and most of yesterday evening organising my catalogues, I also explained a little bit about who I am. 
I also added a little incentive to get the ball rolling and establish my customers!
I chose to put each pack in a freezer bag to save my brochures from getting wet, it also keeps everything organised and looks quite professional too! 
Here is what each pack looks like :)
Each pack contains:
♡ Welcome Letter - Explaining who I am and what the magazine is about
♡ A Reminder of when the magazine will be collected - Friday 25th February; I've also stated not to throw the magazines away; I'll be able to recycle them for my next twenty houses.
♡ A form to say whether or not the customers would want any further magazines from Avon  - Hopefully this allows me to distinguish who my actual customers are, and therefore avoid wasting time on people who aren't interested 
♡ The catalogue - Brochure 6
♡ Special Offer - Spend £20 receive 10% off
♡ Clearance Sale Catalogue

I have delivered my magazine to my first twenty houses this morning so hopefully I should start getting my first set of orders from Friday. Fingers crossed!

I'd love to know your thoughts.
What do you think about this idea?
Are you an Avon Representative?
Do you have any advice or tips to help me get started?

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