Thursday, 3 March 2011

My Guide To 'ASOS' Shopping

I've been shopping online at the ASOS website for a couple of years now and over this period I have learnt a few useful hints and tips to make Shopping a little bit easier.

Always Take Your Time
One of the biggest perks to shopping online is that you have the luxury of going at your own pase. Indeed it can feel as though the shops have closed just for you. I often find shopping on the high-street visiting shops like Primark, River Island etc such a mission. The pushing and shoving, fast-pased hustle and bustle, long changing rooms and even longer queues. It can get exasperating. I now make sure I go to my local high street stores in mid week (I'm a student so I am very fortunate to be able to do this) because of this.
On ASOS, once clicked 'add to bag' on an item you can have it in your 'shopping bag' for up to an hour and half before you pay for it, so you've always got enough time to see what else takes your fancy.

Always View Catwalk
This is one of my biggest top tips! I can't tell you how many times this has been my savour! You can really see what the item looks like; the style, the length etc.
I've realised that 'if a product looks unflattering on the model, the chances are it'll look even worse on you.'

Always Look For Discount Codes
Lets face it, we all like a discount! ASOS regularly do 'Free Next Day Delivery', they may also have other discount offers available such as 10% off with an NUS Student Card, which sure does come in handy for me!

 Do Not Be Persuaded In Spending More Money Just So You Qualify For Free Delivery
We've all done this. It's fine if you're just a few pounds away from receiving free delivery, but when you're anything more than £10, is it really worth it? 
ASOS also have at the moment, 'UK Style Saver', this means postage is free, but can come up to 6 working days after you have placed your order. Generally this is usually the delivery I choose :)

 Always Check The 'Clearance' Section
I cannot stress this enough. All items available in the clearance department is all set up in the same way as that of the normal website. This makes it so much easier to shop with. In my opinion, there really is nothing worse then the task of searching the 'Sale Rail'.
It's also a really good idea to keep tabs on the items available in the current season, as generally speaking these all end up in the clearance stock. 
Have a look at my past blog HERE for examples on what I found in the clearance section.

Always Check the Side Toolbars
ASOS usually have 'Complete the Look' or 'Asos Recommends' or 'Other Customers Bought' etc.
I find this really useful, especially when your buying a new outfit and your in need of some other clothing ideas. It's also good to see what else people have bought who have the same style as you.
 Take Advantage of the 'Free Returns'
If you aren't 100% happy with your product, you have just under a month to return them. Each parcel comes enclosed with a return sticker. There is nothing worse then paying for something to collect dust in your wardrobe.

 Always Make Sure You Enter Your Card Details Correctly
Trust me, I learnt the hard way. ASOS doesn't keep anything aside for you either, everything goes back on their website to be resold again. When I went to buy a dress last month, I wrongly entered my security code for my card in which meant that by the time I tried to reorder my items they had all sold out :(.
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Order With Plenty of Time
If you are placing an order with the intention of wearing it on the coming weekend or for a special event, I would seriously urge you to invest your money with 'Next Day Delivery' or have a seriously good back up outfit!
After all, it's better to have too much to wear then too little!

Hope this helps!
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