Saturday, 9 February 2013

Amelie's 6 Month Update | Baby Blog

Happy 1/2 birthday! I can't believe Amelie is now 6 months old - half a year.
It's weird in some senses I find it hard remembering my life pre-mum. It seems a lifetime ago where I was able to get ready and leave the house in 5 minutes! But when I look back    these last six months have flown by.

I've had a pretty stressful couple of days this week in sorting out all our holiday clothes. Amelie was bought a trunki from my Nan (Amelie great nan!) for Christmas, and although she isn't old enough to sit on it.. I'm too excited to take it away with us. Amelie's OWN case. Too cute.
I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel now, but it has honestly been a task on packing and double checking we have everything. 
I can't wait till our holiday and with the recent snow flurry I can't think of a better time to be getting away.

3-6 month clothes still fit her really well. I went a bit OTT at the end of last summer when everywhere was having a summer sale as I knew that we were going away and that summer clothes would not be available in shops but she's too small to wear the majority of it! I'm still going to be packing a few of her 6-9 dresses as It doesn't really matter if its a bit longer.

Hair colour: Light brown, I don't think this is really going to go any lighter now - although with a week in the sun. You never know!

Eye Colour - Blue! I snapped this photograph of her when we were out on a dog walk in the middle of last month.

Feeding - We've introduced Amelie to porridge! She really likes it, her favourite is Hipp Organic Pear & Banana although she also likes the Cow & Gate Banana Porridge too.
This fits really nicely into our schedual and she will have a small amount at around followed by her usual 210ml milk. 

Winding - The same as last month. Able to bring it up on her own which is great.

Sleeping - Still through the night. She goes to bed at 9pm and will sleep through till about 7-8am. She's up all morning and will fall asleep after her second bottle at 11.30am which gives me enough time to shower, get changed & dressed. Then she'll wake and will be up for another couple of hours - feeding, playing etc before falling asleep for roughly 30mins at about 3.30-4.00. Then it's another feed & play & bath before bed.

Teething - Still nothing. The same signs as last month, dribbling and red cheeks!

Date Nights - No date nights this month! Part of our new years resolution is to be 'more conservative with our money' so no meals in restaurants or naughty weekend takeaways! We've also had to save what we can for holiday spending money.

Goings Out - Not much to report this month! The snow has made it really hard to get out and about.

Highs this month? Snow, Although it's been a bit annoying in some aspects it's been really nice to look at. I took Amelie out to see it but I don't think she really knew what was going on.

Looking forward to? Our holiday which starts tomorrow! I've got some last minute packing to do.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Stocking Up On Liz

With the winter (dare I say it) finally subsiding in the form of snow and weather back to its usual bi-polar self: torrential rain and icy sunshine. I thought I was in need of upping my skincare routine in favour of something a little more nourishing to be prepares for all drastic atmospheric changes.
This time, I'm back to my trusty Liz Earle - I've always had a bottle on the go in my bathroom for when breakouts occur but have never continued to use once things have cleared up. Not knowing how much of this I had left, I went ahead and purchased "January Skincare Essentials Regime" (Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Skin Repair Moisturiser and a complimentary Gentle Face Exfoliator - Bonus!)
Here's a run down of my morning and evening routine that I've been keeping to this last month:
First I pump Cleanse & Polish once onto my fingers before distributing evenly in equal amounts on to a full face of make up. Making sure I leave the eye area till last, or things could get quite messy.
I then exfoliate using the accompanying Muslin Cloth with warm water, rinsing afterwards and repeating it if necessary.
Afterwards I use the Super-tonic Toner, it's herbly scented and gets rid of any stubborn last scrapes of make up. I'm currently using the spritzer version which sprays a very fine refreshing mist (- and a definite to pack in my case for my holiday next week).
I finish my Liz Earle love affair with their moisturiser in the combination/normal skin format, although they do have dry and oily versions available too.
Basics on. It's time to move on to eye-cream, a step I've always overlooked. Current choice is Origins "Ginzing". In truth I can't see any signs of reduced dark circles but it does layer nicely and is extremely lightweight. I'm determined to make a dent in the pot one small pea-sized amount at a time before purchasing something else (Suggestions on a better alternative would be greatly received).
For my night time routine I repeat the above stages but apply the moisturisers with a heavier hand to keep any dry patches at bay & finish with a layer of Carmex on my lips thrown on for good measure.
The results? Well I'm happy to report nasty blemishes are kept away, my skin looks far less red/blotchy, my make up application is far more even & my skin is super soft.
New year, New Skincare.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Elf 3 for 2.

After checking my daily emails I stumbled across a promotional email from ELF. 
I haven't ordered anything from this brand in a LONG time. I personally love swatching products before committing and buying, there's something about physically buying make up in store that makes it all the more satisfying.
Unfortunately ELF in the UK isn't all that readily available, to my knowledge I've only seen it being sold in Tkmaxx, and even then it's never a huge selection.

I'm always one for a bargain and I've had all three items on my wish list for a good couple of month after seeing many bloggers rave about each of them. Seeing as technically I would be getting one of these babies free - I finally took the plunge.

First up is a Mineral Lipstick called 'Runway Pink' described by many as a more affordable option to MAC's Creme Cup. I'm all for a dupe!
The packaging for this is pretty sleek. Nothing too garish which is a major plus.
It's nice and simple and almost verging on (dare I say it..) sophisticated.
It looks far pinker in the tube but once swatched its a matte brown colour.
I can imagine this to look great with a pink blush - perfect for everyday lips.
It's also extremely pigmented. I literally applied this twice to my hand and the results speak for themselves.
Next up is ELF's "treat and tame" I haven't been one to really pay my brows much attention. I'm lucky in the sense that I naturally have quite dark, even eye brows so I can afford not to fill them in on a daily basis. If I'm going out, or wanting to make more of an effort with my appearance I use Benefit's Brow-zing (I got a sample of this in a smoky-eyes kit which I've had about 4 years! And we're still going strong!).
The Tame side isn't amazing, as you can see from the photograph the wand looks to be of pretty bad quality and it collects a lot of product - far too much to apply it accurately.
The colour looks to be a good match for my hair though, I have a lot of red in my hair due to a past hair dye and this seems to contain a red tinge too.
The other side is the "treat" side. It claims to be a vitamin infused gel designed for hair regrowth. I have a feeling it's all a bit of a con - I wanted to get the eyebrow and eyelash gel but it was out of stock.

Lastly is a blush from their studio line. Pink passion is arguably their best selling product and I can completely understand why.
Admittedly it's pretty intimidating in pan form and comes across a bright "barbie" pink, but once swatched it's a gorgeous light pink colour.

Another really pigmented product, and you can't fault its price either.
Not to mention the packaging is pretty swish, It's really compact and even comes with a mirror on the inside lid.
 I already have "tickled pink" and "candid coral" but this is far my favourite and looks to be a feature in my travel make up bag which I'm going to take with me on holiday later this month (post to come).
One thing I have noticed about ELF is that it's really pot luck in terms of quality, in this case 2 out of 3 aren't bad.

What are your favourites form ELF?

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