Sunday, 6 March 2011

Weekend Summary & First FOTD!

Well I've been writing on here just under a month and I have realised that apart from my little photo on my 'about me' page, there is none of me.
So..the time has come for my first FOTD.
I have to admit I was a little bit nervous about putting this up, perhaps this will explain my awkward smile. (seriously what facial expression are you meant to pull?!)
 I feel that taking photographs on my digital camera so long winded, don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore Photography, but I find the whole 'aiming the camera lens in the mirror while posing away' waaaayy to cringy!
 I also really wish that my web cam was of a better quality. No matter what form of lighting is used I feel that Photobooth banishes all form of colour from my pictures. Grr!
Normally I would do my make-up, but seeing as this photo is of such poor quality I'll save that for another day.
Right Rant Over!

Bella and Me
My Outfit
  Dress/Long Top - New Look

 I've  had my hair re-dyed and I have to say I absolutely love this colour! This is by far the brightest red I've ever been and I was really sceptical to go this shade. But I am so happy with the results.
I've also taken advantage of the Tesco offer on 'Aussie Hair' (any two products for £6), and combined, my hair feels so vibrant and nourished. 
♡ My boyfriend and I rented two movies this weekend. I've been dying to see 'The Back-Up Plan' starring Jennifer Lopez since I saw it being advertised in the cinema - luckily enough he let me, with the agreement that we also watched 'The Human Centipede'. I soon regretted saying 'yes'. The Human Centipede is by far the sickest and most disgusting film I've ever seen, for those of you have had the misfortune of seeing it too, I'm sure you'll agree. But in the interest of those who haven't - Just don't.
♡ We also took my five month puppy to my boyfriends grandparents. I live on a 'Marina'.. No not a boat, but a house that backs on to the Thames so I don't have a garden, just decking with the river underneath (I am fortunate though to have plenty of fields within a 5 minute walk - but being a puppy I just don't fully trust her to come back if I let her off the lead). It was really nice to take Bella over to a place that does have a garden, she looked running around chasing after tennis balls :)
♡ I've been on a bit of a spree this week, I am trying to save, but I just find everything too tempting. I've been after some new make-up brushes for quite some time now, but no matter how much I want too, I just can't justify splashing the dosh out on MAC. I have however, spent a purse friendly amount on ELF - so many people have been raving about this company, I just had to try it out. Hopefully my parcel will arrive early next week - I'm sure to blog about it.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend.


  1. Ahh thank you :). Its so scary putting your first picture up of you, I find it so weird that It's up for everyone to see!x


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