Thursday, 3 January 2013

Shopping The Christmas Sales 2012.

Look at me with my second daily consecutive post. Part of my new years resolution (post to come) is to post more regularly. Admittedly I'm probably not going to be able to do so every single day, but I'm really going to make a conscious effort to blog more. 
Jeez could I of mention the words Blog and Post anymore? Blog, Post, Blog, Post...

 I was in two minds as to publish this post. I didn't have much for Christmas as it's been a tradition for both me and my brother to receive mostly money to spend in the sales after Christmas.
I thought I would let you all know of the brilliant discounts available once Christmas is over. If you can hold your nerve that is..

First stop was Zara. I actually stayed up till midnight on Christmas Day for this sale, and a good thing that I did as by 9.00am Boxing Day everything I ordered was either no longer available in my size or sold out completely. Here's what I bought:

If you have been a reader of my blog you would have known that I posted about my CHRISTMAS WISH LIST last month - in it I really wanted a pair of Leopard Print Shoes and I was in two minds to order these before Christmas. 

I know these aren't to everyone's taste but I absolutely love them! They're such a statmeent piece and the most perfect accessory to jazz up even the simplest of outfits. And for a lovely £20 off too.

Next up was a pair of black patent ankle boots. Another shoe I'd found myself repeatedly checking to see if they were still available. For the last month the only size in stock was mine, and I would have been lying if I wasn't tempted to buy them there and then.

They are so perfect with a real timeless style and the quality means they will keep for years to come. Shiny patent at the front with a suede-type material at the back. I feel that the gold zips on either side of the boot adds a real edgy look whilst still maintaining its youthfullness, and the chunky heel makes for comfortable walking. I broke these babies within one day of wearing them!

An all round versatile shoe, you could wear these to glam up leggings but can also be worn with denim shorts in the warmer months. A little expensive, even after the £10 reduction, but I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of these.

My final shoe purchase is something I hadn't planned on buying but simply couldn't say no to when I saw this offer - £79.99 reduced to £39.99! Amazing, especially considering they're made from real buffalo leather which will last an age! 

How cute is the studded detailing?

I've been finding myself reaching for my uggs way to often this winter and was in desperate need of something a little smarter.

Ever since the birth of Amelie I've had to drastically cut the size of my handbags down. I bought THIS bag (also from ZARA!) and have really had lots of wear out of it, but it's a little bit too small - I really missed having a purse and as a result my coins ended up everywhere!
I bought this one which is a little more day time friendly. I love the quilted effect replacing the studs on my previous handbag and it's a little bit bigger to fit my purse.

This is a really naughty purchase - but I don't own any tan bags at all! It's brilliantly sized for when I need to take more stuff with me and has gorgeous little studded detailing front as well as two cute little tassels on the straps.
I think the straps are actually removable which means that this can double up as a clutch for those romantic date nights!

I also had a little look at the Topshop website.

Peplum Boucle Top:
I finally gave in to this. I had worried that this would make me look bigger than I am but it's actually surprisingly flattering!
I read the reviews before purchasing this and I'm so glad that I did as everyone had said to order the next size up, which I did and it fits me perfectly!

Heart Jumper:
I love this jumper. Comfort is a massive influence in what I wear, but I also like to be moderately fashionable and this is a great compromise! I think this would be great paired with simple black leggings and a wince warm scarf.

I love how the jumper is made of little knotted cotton pieces which means that I don't have to worry about it scratching Amelie.

Did you get anything nice in the Christmas Sales?


  1. thanks for your comment katie, hopefully you'll be inspired to try one of my nail looks on yourself :) and a big WOW coming your way :) you got those leopard print shoes from your last post. They look even more amazing in real life.

  2. No problem. Thank you for having the time to read! They are amazing! So happy I kept my nearve with waiting for them to be reduced! :) xx

  3. The boots and shoes you've picked up are amazing! xo

  4. Great post and even better purchases!!!
    The peplum top is amazing.
    I just LOVE the studded boots you could get for only 39.99£.
    Do you have any idea if I could still get them since you you bought them on sale?
    I don't see them on the website so they might be sold out...
    (I live in Belgium though)
    Lots of kisses!! xoxo

    1. Hiya, it's always nice hearing from people in different countries! :). Not sure if they'll still be available, but try your local shops & don't be afraid to ask the sales assistants if they can help you on finding them. I've seen so many cute things online, and when I go to ask the SA's they're always out the back and not on the shop floor. Ill try and find a pair similar online. Good luck finding them, let me know if you do! Xx


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