Saturday, 5 January 2013

Nars| Laguna Bronzer & Turkish Delight Lipgloss

So I finally caved.
With exception to Chanel's infamous cream bronzer - Soleil Tan De Chanel. I haven't owned a 'high end' bronzer before. 
You only have to go as far as watching Tanya Burr or Fleur De Force's youtube channel before realising Nars' Laguna Bronzer is a regular feature responsible in achieving their sunkissed yet wearable glow.

I absolutely love this bronzer! For me it has the perfect amount of pigmentation its also really buildable and the small amount of glitter gives you a great sun kiss glow without making you look like a glitter ball. The best part about this bronzer is that it is not the least bit orangey. I recently fake tanned before I went out to celebrate my best friends birthday, which had meant my current foundation was  slightly too pale - and this was my saving grace to insure my face was the same colour to the rest of my body!

I just wish NARS would change their packaging! It looks fantastic when new but leave it a week in your make up bag and it quickly gains finger print marks with its rubbery casing. For its high end price tag I had hoped that NARS would use something more durable.

The next product that I bought was Kim Kardashian's "go to" lipgloss - Turkish Delight. 
I have to say I am so disappointed with this product! To start with the price was outrageous and if i'm completely honest without a famous celebrity singing its praises I probably would have done my research before parting with my £17.50.
The smell is just awful, I know it isn't designed to be eaten but any product on the lips is going to be inevitably tasted and for the best part of £20 it wouldn't have taken much to add a nice taste, even if they played it safe with a soft menthal flavour. As it stands it tastes so chemical. Damn you celebrity endorsement!
The packaging is in the typical NARS format - plain and sleek, nothing to write home about. I don't feel 'extra' special taking this out my handbag especially when its compared to its nearest pricing rivals.
I also imagined it to be bigger than it is.

It does look fantastic over pink lipstick and makes MAC St Germaine daytime wearable, but on its own it leaves my lips feeling very dry.
 I wouldn't consider my lips to be overly chapped but it really highlighted the lines and it made them really noticeable even though they are barely there normally. Besides the colour pigmentation is very poor. It looked a perfect pale pink in the tube but once applied to the lips it was so milky - like I had just downed a strawberry milkshake and forgot to lick my lips!

Maybe my estimations of the lipgloss were just a little too high - I did have the hope that I would magically be transformed into Kim K herself and realistically it is just a lipgloss, albeit a very expensive one! Unfortunately it's one of the few products that I feel is completely overrated.

What's your favourite Nars Products?


  1. I bought Turksih Delight years ago and had the same results :( Laguna is a realy nice bronzer though! I've not been super blown away by Nars like everyone else but I love their blush in Exhibit A which is a bright red.

  2. i love Turkish Delight but cant really justify paying that much for a milky pink gloss.
    neutrogena used to have a really nice dupe called Groove but sadly it is discontinued.. ;-/

  3. That's so disappointing and so annoying about the lip gloss! I'm glad you like the bronzer though, it's one of my faves!


  4. I particularly love the blushes from NARS, though so hard to pick my favourite!!

    I have an international giveaway on my blog, hope you will enter..

  5. loving the color nice :) wld love for you to visit my blog..and follow maybe?
    I have a Chicnova Jewelry giveaway for 3 lucky winners next do visit!

  6. Hey I nominated you for a blog award! :) For more info checkout my blog!


  7. Nice reviews! Too bad the lipgloss didn't work out better!

  8. I have been looking for a pink this colour for so long, i am gutted it come out milky. I shall keep looking, i guess. Xx

  9. I love the Laguna bronzer! And the bad thing about NARS lip glosses is that some shades smell terrible and some don't. It's a mixed bag xx

  10. Wanting to try Laguna Bronzer so bad, need to get my beauty mitts on it. Lovely post hun x

  11. Kim K gets me to buy make-up too. lol. I bought the Ben Nye Banana powder because of her, and it did not look right on me personally...but it looked gorgeous on other people! Laguna is the best bronzer by far! Glad you finally got it! :)

  12. I have just treated myself to Nars Bronzer cant wait to try it out. Your reviews are so good really informative. Now I am adding turkish delight lipgloss to my wish list !!

    great blog.
    maybe u could have a lookies at mine (",)

    judith xx

  13. I bought Turkish Delight a few weeks ago, and I think I might be returning it! I just don't like the milky finish :(



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