Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Lush Goodies

Call me crazy but I really don't understand the hype surrounding Lush products. I've tried a few things from the permanent line such as their lip scrubs (which dried out within a week of opening) & bath bombs (which in my opinion are far too over priced) but I've never been blown away by anything.
That being said If theres one thing that I love it's their Limited Christmas Shower Gel. I stock up every Christmas so that I have access to it throughout the whole of next year.
I got a couple bottles to unwrap at Christmas but I went to Lush yesterday with the hope of buying some back ups but they had all sold out.

When I walked into the shop I was quickly approached by one of the friendly sales assistants who told me that they had sold out of almost every Christmas product well before the 25th and that this year was their busiest ever in the run up - even the gift sets.
The only thing they had left were their Christmas soaps which were a generous 50% off.
I'd never tried any of their soaps before and seeing as they were now discounted I went over to see if any took my fancy.

Here's what I bought:
Angels Delight - £4.46
This smelt really similar to snow fairy, I believe that this soap is actually included in the Christmas Snow Fairy Gift set. 
To me it smells of Candyfloss & Jelly Beans. Each piece of the soap is different based on where your cut of the chunk came from. My bar was originally valued at £8.91 and is pink with blue and orange coloured blocks running through it. I saw on the chunk that there were purple stars (but unfortunately I didn't get any - I picked up a pre-wrapped piece), gold glitter flakes and a beautiful golden moon on top (which I was temped to buy purely for display use!).
I'm really excited about trying this out. 

Northern Lights - £4.65
I was then drawn to Northern Lights, as you can see it's really eye catching! It's a very bright Neon yellow with green and orange blocks all swirled together.
This scent smells incredible. It's sharp, zingy and is everything you need to wake you up on cold winter mornings.
Personally I can see this being more of a summer soap with its citrus scent.
I've heard that this is now being discontinued and will not be appearing next Christmas and so I'd urge you to check out you're nearest Lush store in the next couple of days for a chance of buying it.

(TESTER) Snow Cake
I was given a very generously sized tester.
When the sales assistant gave me a demonstration (not that I needed any help on how to wash my hands) It felt so creamy & nourishing on the skin, it doesn't lather which is a bit disappointing.
I was told this has almond in but to me it smells very fresh and a bit like vanilla with a hint of warm spice.
It smells a lot better on the skin then in bar format.

I plan on cutting these into smaller more 'palm friendly' sizes. Which hopefully should prolong their life, although I have heard they last ages.

Have you tried any of the LUSH soaps?


  1. Oh i love LUSH, their bath bombs are just amazing. Have you tried their makeup range?

  2. Have you tried their Santa present that comes out at Christmas? It's amazing! No I haven't. I don't think my shop stocks it. I will have to have a look for it next time I go :) xx


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