Thursday, 10 February 2011

My First Blog

 I've had my blog for a few weeks now, but being so busy with coursework (I'm currently in my last year of A Levels) my blog has taken a back seat. However, with my coursework finished and my January retakes out the way, I can finally get cracking!
 My name is Katie, I'm eighteen years old from the South East of England.
I'm completely obsessed with all things involving vanity, and this will be primarily what I will talk about on my blog. My love first started when i was the tender age of thirteen, five years later and our relationship has only gone from strength to strength.
Clothes and accessories have been a huge passion of mine. I'm only 5ft2 though, so I am slightly limited when it comes to shops. 
 Hair is also very important to me, I have died my hair since the age of eleven and have used near enough every product known to man! I have also been a regular user of clip-in hair extensions, but i am proud to say, after a good three years of hair-growing, it is of a length that now extensions are no longer required!
 My money is mostly spent on Make-Up, my favourite being Clinique when I have the dosh to splash out, although I've recently found myself spending more and more (particularly on lipsticks - they have the most amazing collection!) on MAC. Being a student however, and only working part-time, means that more often then not, I have to settle with Drug Store products from Boots and Super Drug, so I hope to offer more purse friendly make-up alternatives. 
 When I'm not spending time shopping, I have a huge passion for Photography, as part of my eighteenth birthday present I was given a Nikon D3000 camera which I absolutely love. I also have Photoshop CS5.
As stated above I'm in my last year of sixth form studying Business Studies, English Literature and Media Studies. I've just finished applying for universities to study 'TV and Film Production', I'm also looking at alternatives such as Apprenticeships to study Business, particularly marketing. 
I hope to one day be able to combine my love for beauty, media and business. Gok Wan beware!!

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