Thursday, 17 February 2011

3 for 2 in SuperDrug.

Generally speaking unless there is something really specific I need, I normally buy something from Boots compared to SuperDrug. 
However, I noticed when walking through my local town centre that SuperDrug had '3 for 2' offers on many of its brands. Not wanting to be rude and ignore the bright posters in the window I felt it necessary to see what they had to offer.
Being only a local town centre store, for the actual size of the shop, I was very impressed with the amount of brands and products available in the store itself.
Being a Student, I only wear my expensive make up like Clinique and MAC at night, weekends or on special occasions, so I'm always on the hunt for a purse friendly make up alternative to wear during college or work. 
With it only being a local shop and therefore not being very busy, I had the advantage of spending my time exploring each brand and picking out my products carefully, would I really wear it? Does it really suit me? Do I really need it?
After spending time on each of the brands I found myself attracted to the Max Factor stand. I've always adored their mascara, I swear by the Max Factor False Lash Mascara - i really haven't found a better alternative; high street or designer.  So I was interested to see if the foundations and other products were of the same quality as their mascaras. 
Here's what was bought..

♡ Max Factor  Pan Stick in 'Nouveoux Beige - 13' RRP 6.99

I was instantly attracted to the unique packaging of this product, it was so small and thin - ideal to carry around in your handbag. It also has a little twist mechanism, similar to that of a lipsticks.

 Max Factor Second Skin Foundation in - 'Natural - 070' RRP 12.99
I loved the consistency of this foundation and the colour matches my skin tone completely.

 Max Factor False Lash Mascara RRP 10.99

my favourite mascara

 I then made my way over to the false lashes section.
I instantly found myself looking at the Girls Aloud lashes.
Having all the five members eyelashes available in store, it was very tempting to just pick up Cheryl Cole's lashes and make my way to the checkouts before i got tempted by anything else, but after analysing the actual shape of the eyelashes themselves I personally thought that Kimberley's eyelashes looked more my style. 
I'll just have to wait till next time for Cheryl's..

Review will be soon 

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