Saturday, 13 April 2013

Sleek Correcting Concealer

It's not often that I write a 'disappointing' review. I've always thought of purchasing my make up as an investment of some sort. I carefully look at product recommendations from Bloggers who I genuinely trust before making any commitments or parting with my hard earned dosh.

On the whole, I quite rate Sleek as a Make Up brand - I have several of their eyeshadow palettes and like how their priced in the 'middle of the road' range, it's not expensive but It's more so than your regular drugstore brand.
For the extra money, you do get a few added frills: fancy cardboard exterior packaging makes a welcomed change from the usual cellophane wrapping and inside even has a decent mirror that covers the whole of the lid. Perfect for the girl on the go.

Enter Sleek's new Corrector & Concealer Palette. It's a relatively affordable option, priced at £7.99. There are a total of 5 shades to choose from. I bought number 2 the lightest shade available in stores, although I believe number 1 is on their website.
The palette is nicely housed in a slim palette that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It's not at all bulky which makes this perfect to fit in the smallest of bags for on the go touch ups.

And that's just it, apply this and you'll almost certainly have to take this with you to reapply multiple times throughout the day. In fact I really did struggle to see any coverage with the under-eye corrector concealer, it seemed to settle into my pours and highlight any blemish scars on my cheeks. I found the texture greasy & oily (and this is a girl who likes a dewy finish), it made the layer of foundation underneath patchy and uneven.

The setting powder was a bit unnecessary in my opinion. I understand its concept - making this palette the perfect travel must have, but in this case the quality of the under-eye corrector is sacrificed.
It's also contains an SPF which is not something I look for in powders.

Before you write this product off your concealer list to try out, all is not lost with the standard blemish concealer.
The texture has the perfect balance with its coverage and consistency. The coverage makes this perfect to tame even the nastiest blemish - even the freshly depussed ones. (Yup, we've all done it). Lovely image for you all there.
The consistency is what excited me the most. It's thick, creamy and is easily blendable which is exactly what I want.

So was it worth it? The short answer - No. 
I'm glad I gave this a whirl, I've found a good product within the concealer and I can definitely see myself using it up when my skin is needing a little something extra. As for the fixing powder and corrector - these will probably stay untouched and for this reason It won't be something I'm going to repurchase.
Alas, Next stop, Laura Mercier..

Have you tried this product?

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  1. Sorry to see your see you were disappointed - do you get the brand 'Gosh' in the US, i'm using their one just now, it is really good. Love L xx A Scottish Lass


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