Monday, 29 April 2013

Major bargain alert!

Hi everyone!
This is just a super quick post to draw your attention to another great offer (I'm certainly on a roll at the moment!)
This time it's in the form of Real Technique brushes, and trust me.. It's a gooden.
Just head over to I herb and see for yourself. Not only do they have the cheapest prices that I've seen for RT brushes usually (and believe you me, I've done my fair share of looking around) but they've also got an amazing 20% off the entire range! The discount is added in your shopping cart.

And not only that... I herb has given me an amazing extra discount to share with you all!
If you're a first time customer simply enter code DNJ747 and you'll receive an extra 5% off orders under $40 or an extra $10 off all orders over $40. Amazing!!

My order would of been $95.92 but with my discounts I saved $33.04 bringing my total to $66.88 (£43.18 (approx)). The price of two starter kits!

And for UK readers, international shipping starts at just $4.00 and takes between 1-5 weeks. Which is such a brilliant price.

Whether your looking at having a back up off your favourite foundation brush or seeing what the rest of the range has to offer, I'm sure you'll be able to find something.

20% offer ends tomorrow but you can continue to use my code.

Will you be ordering anything?

Disclaimer - I herb is not paying me to do this review, I am not affiliated with this company in anyway. I purchased my order with my own money. Honest reviews as always.


  1. this is so good, I just got a blush brush for about £4 from there, thankyou for writing this :D xx

  2. Hi Katie, i'm in the UK but think I may go and buy some of these as could be doing with some new ones. Great offer, randomly came across your lovely blog when I was hopping about. New follower here - Look forward to reading more from you sweets. Love Laura A Scottish Lass


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