Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Amelie's 8 Month Update

I promise I will eventually get back to publishing more make-up posts. Life has just been completely crazy these last few months and any free time is taken up with house work, cooking and generally looking after Amelie.
This month has been the hardest with caring for Amelie. She's now so interactive and is showing such a huge interest in all that is around her. She's requiring more attention and needs far more stimulation to keep her occupied.
It's also been the hardest month for sleep. I've noticed that since going away on holiday Amelie's sleeping has been more disturbed than ever before. Amelie's two bottom front teeth are now half way through and she looks so cute when she smiles.
She's learnt to clap too which she does when she's excited or when she hears music. She's also learnt to rock backwards and forwards when she's in the sitting position and the two movements combined makes for cuteness baby overload!
Here's how she's doing..
Amelie had her 8-12 month update with her midwife yesterday and now weighs 14lb 8oz. She's still on the 9th centile for her age and is perfectly proportioned.
She's now fitting in more 6-9 month clothes, but still wears her 3-6 month leggings and jeans and other baggier clothing items depending on where their from (the sizing varies so much between companies!)

Sleeping: As stated above, Amelie hasn't been sleeping as well this month. I can't complain in comparison to a lot of babies - we've had and still got it so easy. I'm fortunate that she's been such a good little sleeper in the early months. I do miss those uninterupted nights, especially as I now work part time and have a 6am alarm clock set during the week, but for the most part - I can cope. 

Eating: Really good! Amelie took to weening straight away. I've been trying to cook as much home made meals as I can. In the UK we've just had a big bank holiday weekend for Easter so I was able to cook a big selection and then freeze it down for her.
Her favourite meal is breakfast. Amelie has banana and peach porridge every morning which goes down a treat.
She also loves yogurts and for little finger food snacks I've given her a little treats like Heinz Biscotti biscuits and the apple flavour is her favourite.

Talking: Amelie is getting more vocal with every passing week. She'll always make noises when she thinks you're not looking and as soon as she notices you she'll stop. I've noticed that whenever I'm out in the Supermarket she's always really chatty.
Amelie now says 'Dada' comfortably but still no sign of 'Mama'...but we're working on it!

Teething: Amelie's bottom, front two teeth are now visable! There's no sign (yet) of anything else coming through but I'm still applying Dentrinox teething gel just incase she has any pain.
I bought Amelie her first toothbrush this month too!
This has also been the month that she's had any sign of nappy rash. I'm going to link this to her teeth & her digestive system reacting to different foods.

Nursery: Amelie is really settling in at nursery. I love the thought of her interacting with other children her age and socialising in general. The nursery is brilliant and it's right by my work too which is so convenient.

Date Nights: Connor and I went out for my friends birthday and it was really nice to see everyone back home from their Unis for Easter.
I'm starting to feel more like the 'old' me as far as looks. I joined a circuits training class a the beginning of March which I try and go at least once a week with my next door neighbour.

Really sorry if this post seems rushed. I've been struggling with a bad bug these last few days. Ill add some additional photos later this week but for now I'm typing this on my iPhone from my bed.
Sweet dreams :)

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