Monday, 10 December 2012

NEOM | Travel Candle Gift Set.

Believe it or not, I haven't actually tried any Neom products before.

I have to admit, I am a bit of a newbie to the candle world. I was given the Yankee Candle Summer Fragrance Mixology Gift Set (yes I did have to Google the name!) as a birthday present a few months back and I was really impressed with its strong scent and longevity. However, my living room has a very neutral (shock!) theme and is made up of Whites, Creams, Browns and Greys and although I liked the scents of some Yankee Candles the colours have put me off (especially if your going to spend £18.00 on a full size candle). I wanted a candle that would let its scent do all the talking and not the loud, bold colours to attract attention.
I then came across NEOM and instantly feel in love with their Ethos and that they only use natural ingredients - vegetable wax and 100% essential oils, thus, containing no parabens or nasties. This would explain the absence of black smoke once I blew the candle out and the lack of horrible black soot all around the sides of the glass.
Did I mention that Kate Moss, Daisy Lowe, Sienna Miller and Kylie are all fans? (Well if its good enough for Kylie..)

I decided on the Travel Candle Gift set (part of their Scent with Love gift range) containing 4 travel sized, best sellers.
I think this is great value in comparison to the full sized, three wick candle which is priced at £39.50. I simply could not justify spending this sort of money on one single candle alone.
Not only do you get the choice of four great scents but each candle is generously sized with a wax weight of 75g and a burn time of 20 hours per individual - a combining total of 80 hours! (30% longer than any of its competitors). The packaging itself screams luxury, housed in clear glass with NEOM Luxury Organics written on the face. But its the subtly and elegance that makes this brand a winner, each candle regardless of its scent has the same off white colour. Which fits in with any rooms colour scheme.

I love that Neom have included their most popular candles and not used any 'Christmas Scents' as I plan on using these sparingly throughout the year! I have also learnt from burning my Yankee Candles how different the scent was when burning so I'm glad that I have four variations to try.
Neom have incorportated different scents which not only means that I can have the choice depending on my mood but I can use them in different rooms depending on their suitability. (I currently have one in the Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room & Bedroom)

If you're not wanting to spend as much, as lets face it - the travel set is designed as a Christmas present (To me, From me). You could split the set up and give to multiple people for a smaller present, or give as a whole to one of your nearest and dearest. Neom also do each scent in the same travel sized for £15.00 which can be found on their website.
I love the idea behind the travel candles - you can pop them in your handbag if your in need of something luxurious away from home!

Yes they are expensive and had I not tried the Yankee Candles earlier on in the year I probably wouldn't have even considered spending this amount. 
But I have always been a believer in "buying cheap, buying twice". Granted, I don't use these every night and when they are lit, I am always aware on how long they have been burning for, but, Neom candles are honestly the longest lasting candles I've owned and they really do fill your room without being too overpowering.

If you are interesting in buying anything from Neom I would seriously urge you to have a look around to find discount codes. I saved myself a lovely £11.00 with 20% off from MakeupSavvys blog. Ta Fiona!

Have you tried any of NEOM's products before?
What candle company would you recommend?


  1. so far I've been using/burning only Yankee candles but I've heard lots of positive things about these ones! can't wait to try them out! xx

    1. Would definitely recommend the 'real luxury' one. It smells amazing! X

  2. I love candles and these look great, i also love yankee candles but find them a little pricey so these seem a great alternative :)

    1. Definitely agree. I hate that they have colours too - I find it a real deal breaker if it doesn't match my colour scheme! X


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