Friday, 14 December 2012

MAC Guilty Pleasures - Lavish Rose Set.

I've really fallen out of love with MAC in the recent months. I get so overwhelmed with new collections & product releases that in all honesty I've kind of lost track on which products are limited edition and which are in the permanent line. 
For this reason I've always been wary on purchasing a product for fear that I'll fall in love with it only to realise it's no longer available when it comes to repurchasing - believe me this has happened way too many times!
That being said I was on the Debenham's website last week when I realised they had 15% off on beauty & fragrances (side note - there is currently a 10% discount on this week!). After finishing my christmas shopping I realised I was £20.00 better off - very dangerous in a designer store!
I soon found myself scrolling through the pages of MAC where I came across their 2012 Holiday Collection.

It was fair to say I fell completely in love with its packaging. Pink & Bows - Yes please! 
I've always been a complete sucker for good presentation and this was definitely not an exception. It's just so cute & girly.
The lipglosses re housed in a circular box made of thick cardboard reminiscent in style to that of a hat box.
A big upgrade from the last Christmas collection which in my opinion was very bland an unimaginative. 
I plan on recycling this box and using this to organise my hairbands. It's just too pretty to throw away.

I decided on the Lavish Rose Set. 4 gorgeous lipglosses - (2 Dazzleglasses & 2 Cremsheen). 
I absolutely love the difference in colours between each gloss. You have got something for every look & occasion. 
The cute bow detailing on the lid of the box is also transferred to the lipglosses themselves making them super cute without being too sickly & OTT.

Here's whats inside the box:
Demure: Warm Pink with Blue Pearl (Dazzleglass Creme)
Going Casual: Sheer Lilac (Cremesheen Glass)
Boys Go Crazy: Deep Amethyst (Dazzleglass Creme)
Colour Satuation: Dark Cool Wine (Cremesheen Glass)

I'm most excited about 'Colour Satuation', I don't have anything like this in my collection and this shade is in keeping with the current season's colour trend.
The fact that it's a gloss doesn't make this as daunting as a lipstick too, plus the pigmentation is brilliant.

The only downside is that they are limited edition and as far as I know there aren't any of the 4 glosses to be included in the permanent range. 
I bought these last week so I can't guarantee that they are still around but would seriously urge you all to have a look in your local MAC stores to see if there are any available!

This set retails at £25.00 which I think is fairly reasonable considering there are 4 lipglosses. I had even thought about buying another set and splitting them up as part of mini stocking filler presents to friends.

Did you pick anything up from the 2012 Collection?
What is your favourite of the four lipglosses?


  1. i love the "boys go crazy" shade! can't wait to see it on! x

    1. Ill be doing a post next week showing you the colours on so check back soon! :) xx

  2. Oh wow I love the colours in this set and £25 is a good price. I think this would make a great gift for someone xx

  3. Boys go crazy shade is my fav but check out that packaging, it's worth getting just for that. Nice packaging is my weakness :) pink and couldn't get more cute and girly :)

  4. Oh forgot to tell you, I did a post on caviar nails if you'd like to have a look. you asked me about them when you commented on my blog last :) Let me know what you think

  5. Love that packaging! I'd get it just for the packaging, even though I'm not a fan of their lip glosses. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. So true. It really is a deal breaker! (Or maker in this case...) haha! Xx

  6. your nails look amazing.

    1. Haha thank you. I wish I could take all the credit and say it was down to nail varnish but its not :(. I have 'gel overlays'. Their not extensions as such but I have the acrylic over the top which saves them from breaking :) xx


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