Sunday, 9 December 2012

Amelie's 4 month Update | Baby Blog

Can anyone believe that it's December already? I am so excited for Christmas this year - the Christmas tree is already up and everything is starting to feel very festive in my household - there's something about christmas tree & candle lights that make everything appear far more homely. Rest assured the Christmas playlist on my Iphone has been played on repeat!
Amelie is now 1/3 of a year old and I'm finally slowing down on the christmas present buying (trust me she is a very spoilt little girl!). |'ve been very organised this year and have started buying presents for everyone well in advance (the previous Christmas' have involved a mad dash of running between shop to shop the day before - think Dales Supermarket Sweep and then add a wooly hat and you'll have the image of me!) We've even got her a stocking and I've given Santa his orders of present delivering.

Measurements: Height - 157cm
Weight - Just under 12lb. 
The health visitor came round last week and measured her - it turns out 91% of babies her age are bigger than her!
Amelie is finally fitting her 3-6 months which, naturally, has made everyone (me included) scower the baby clothing aisle at every given opportunity - Tesco has some amazing offers at the moment!
Eye colour - Blue
Hair Colour - Still mousey brown although we've both commented that she's getting fairer at the front. her hair is definitely growing and quite frankly I can't wait till I can start putting bows in it!

Feeding - Amelie is mainly on 180ml feeding although right before bed we tend to give her 210ml as she sleeps so well at night.

Winding - No complaints. Amelie's head control is improving on an almost daily basis and on several occasions she's managed to bring her own up so long as she's sitting up.

Sleeping - Still through the night! I'm starting to think you won't believe me! But honestly she goes down around the 9ish mark and will sleep through till about 8am. She'll average about 1-2 hours during the day (just enough time for me to do the immediate household chores).

Outings this month - We've kept this to a minimum partly because of the weather (it gets dark so early) and also because we are desperately trying to save. My mum and I took Amelie to see her auntie in Surrey for my auntie's birthday. I had a day trip window shopping in Kingston and I felt very festive as all the decorations that were up!

Date days/Nights - We left Amelie with her Nanny (Connor's Mum) in the middle of last month so we could go Christmas gift shopping. I have to admit as much as I missed her it was nice spending time with Connor on my own and enjoying a meal together uninterupted - you can't beat a good Nandos!

Highs this month? Going to see my auntie for her birthday.

Lows this month - Her injections (Again!) but this was the last one for about a year!

Looking forward to? - CHRISTMAS!!!

Least Looking forward to? The weather (again!)

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