Friday, 6 September 2013

Amelie's 12 Month Update | Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday Amelie!!

Amelie turned 1 on the 9th August but determined to put a few beauty related posts before this update (I was conscious that this was turning into a baby blog rather than a beauty one!)  I had to put a few make up posts up in between and before I new it, it's almost time for her 13th month update!

I cant believe my little treasure is one! To think I'm a mother to a one year old is absolute crazyness and makes me feel so old! We went to our local zoo to celebrate, Amelie is such an animal lover and I thought it would be a good day out involving different members of the family. It turned out to be a brilliant day and the weather held out which made it so much better!

This month has been a very hectic one in the run up to her birthday, fortunately her birthday fell on a friday which meant that we could spend the weekend with different family members and everyone got to be a part of her special day. On her actual birthday we went to The Cotsworld Wildlife park which is close to where we live, it was actually a really good day out which was made so much better by the weather - it was sunny but not too hot and humid which meant that Amelie could enjoy without me worrying if she was getting too hot. We ever walked away with Amelie's own inflatable Giraffe which she absolutely loved and spend the whole journey home cuddling it. We nicknamed him Henry.

On the Saturday we had a big birthday party at our home where we invited our nearest and dearest. Amelie's uncle is a fantastic baker and he made Amelie the most amazing birthday cake which went down a treat with the other guests. 

As for an update this month I've decided to keep this post short and sweet as there really hasn't been much progress. 
She has babbling into tiny sentences rather than just words which is so sweet, it's like she's trying to speak in her own little language. She can also 'high 5' which she learnt just before her birthday and spent the whole of the party high fiving the guests!
We're still not any closer with her walking but she is definitely becoming more steady on her feet and can get from a sitting to standing position in no time.

Amelie is obsessed with these chocolate brioche rolls and although I try and limit this to one roll a day she would quite easily have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
She's still a great little eater as far as fruit and vegetables - bananas are her favourite with melon coming in at a close second.

I am so looking forward to the next 12 months and seeing her grow into a proper little person!



  1. So so cute <3 And you're gorgeous!

  2. She's so adorable!! Congrats :)

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog

  3. She is so cute, wonderful post :)

  4. She is beautiful, such a lovely post


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