Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Riri Hearts Mac | Riri Woo & Riri Boy

First let me apologise for the severe delay of this post. These lipsticks have now sold out!
I'm sure you have all read the reviews on these lipsticks already but now the hype has died down I thought I would put my two cents too, and by doing so, hopefully get you all excited for the next upcoming launch which is set to be available online and in stores this Autumn.

This collection is possibly the most anticipated release this year and the second part of four installments  by the global superstar, the summer online-only collection release was definitely anticipated by many... Me included.

Initially I had my eyes set on owning Haux but only having my iPhone on 3G whilst hiding my phone under my desk at work, it was fair to say that the odds were stacked against me and sure enough it soon sold out. (In a record 10 minutes no less).
I finally grabbed "Riri Boy' and 'Riri Woo' into my virtual shopping bag and sat in the queue for 20 minutes waiting to complete my payment. 

The lipsticks don't come in any special packaging but Rihanna's autograph is sketched into the side. I think they're saving the special packaging for the Christmas collection.
Riri Woo was inspired by the ever so famous 'Ruby Woo' which features in the permanent collection. Many describe Riri woo as being just a shade darker but as I don't own it, I can't comment. Rumours have it that this will be available in all four releases so if you've been unable to purchase it you still have another two chances!
.Riri Woo was love at first sight, it's universally suited to any skin tone and goes great with most make up looks. The best way I have found to wear this lipstick is by applying a thin layer of chapstick beforehand. I would also recommend you to make sure your lips are free of any dryness which will help to avoid settling into dry lines. An added tip is to use a lipliner to minimise the amount of feathering and bleeding from the lipstick - Rumour has it that the third installment of Riri hearts Mac (set for release some time in October) is to contain a red lip liner.

Riri Boy was advertised as a vivid lavender on the website, I would personally say it was more of a mid-tone mauve. Not a usual choice for me and although the shade is far more wearable then its description on site, I'm not intially sure on the amount of times it will get used.
Overall I'm happy with my purchases, I'm still reeling that I wasn't able to get my hands on Haux but I'm hoping this will be repeated in the other collections.

Did you buy anything from the Mac collection? Are you excited for the next launch?



  1. amazing shades, thanks for the review! :)

    Ana www.anacelinelabod.blogspot.de

  2. omg both these colours are so beautiful! Can't wait to get my hands on this collection! :)


  3. These shades are really pretty! I like your blog :)

    Une Jolie Vie

  4. MAC lipsticks are amazing, these are very good choices :)


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