Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Amelie's 11 Month Update

Sorry for the extreme delay on publishing this month's update. As mentioned last month, we had a two week family holiday at the end of last/beginning of this month which has completely thrown everything!
I can't believe my little munchkin will be 1 next month! Preparations are fully underway for her birthday. I'm really hoping for a wardrobe to match her chest of drawers in her room as she has completely ran out of space!

Measurements: Amelie is fitting in 9-12 month clothing! The weather has been gorgeous since coming back from holiday - it's now been 3 1/2 weeks of solid sunshine everyday. Which has meant her summer clothing has finally been worn! (I bought a load of stuff in last years summer sale). 
Hair: Her hair is a mousey brown and seems to vary on day to day basis. It did get lighter in the sun..but she's a definite brunette!

Teething: Amelie now has a total of 6 teeth! It seems to be whenever we set off on an aeroplane she decides to start sprouting teeth and now has another two to add to the collection. 
I've found that she is coping with teething far better than before and doesn't need any Dentinox. (I still carry it just in case!).
She had an ear infection on holiday which was probably down to a combination of aeroplanes & teething.

Eating: Amelie has completely gone off her milk, however I try and give it her she just doesn't want it.
Instead I've really been trying to give her as much dairy as possible and she has a yogurt after each meal. I've also started to introduce Cows milk after consulting my health visitor.
She is loving meal time and is such a good little eater. Her favourite is pasta - she loves feeding herself and plays with the pasta tubes, it's so cute to watch her squish it in her hands.
She also loves fruit and will eat bananas by the bunches!

Sleep: Amelie's sleep has been much better considerings she was teething. When we were on holiday she had to share a room and always woke about 3am for some water & then slept in between Connor & I. Since we've been back she's slept right the way through.
It's a good job we moved the cot down a few levels last month as she can now pull herself up! Every morning when Amelie has woken I go into her nursery and she's there standing at the corner of her cot waiting for me to pick her up!

Nursery: Amelie is still really enjoying nursery and I have had my contract extended at work which means that Amelie will now be staying there until March.(with the hope that this will be extended again!). 
She has developed such a relationship with the key-workers and children and it's the best feeling in the world seeing her smile because she recognises you when you collect her.

Talking: We've had no advances on words this month, she has also stopped saying Mama which is disappointing! She will happily babble and say dada though.
I've also noticed that she's trying to communicate with her actions this month, she points at object that she wants (like her bottle, or toys..) and she shakes her head too.
She also has the cheekiest grin in the world, she screws her little face up when she knows she's doing something she's not meant to!

Moving: As already mentioned Amelie can now stand up, which means she is one step closer to being able to walk! I think she finally learnt because she was so restricted with crawling and moving about on holiday (being by the pool etc) she got fed up of being in a high chair or on someones lap! 

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