Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Amelie's 10 Month Update

Hi lovelies! Sorry this month's update is running a few minutes late. I've had a busy week running errands and last minute shopping ready for our holiday next week.
Amelie's officially in the double figures when it comes to monthly updates and this month I've seen the most change in her.
My little sweetheart can now officially CRAWL! It's the best thing in the world seeing her get around and make a conscience decision to move to where you are in the room.
She has developed her own  way of 'crawling' she lifts her left leg almost in a 'hopping' motion. I think she's learnt this adaption as we have wooden flooring downstairs which is where the majority of her time is spent when we are at home, during the day. 

Measurements: Amelie is now fitting in most of her 6-9 month clothes and has outgrown the majority of her 3-6 apart from a few summer dresses. I've also started to put Amelie in 9-12 vests as she's got quite sensitive skin and I don't want it to rub while she's moving about. 

Hair & Eyes: Amelie's hair has been growing so much, I'm also surprised with the amount of hair that she's managed to keep hold of as I've seen lots of babies her age at nursery have bald patches from where they sleep. I can now clip pretty hair slides in her hair and she's worn a hair tie at the top of her head a few times.
Her eyes are still a bright blue colour which I'm confident are to stay now.

Teething: Amelie's top teeth are now through and now has a total of 4 teeth! She really is getting such a big girl! I brush her teeth morning and night which is made easier by the fact that she LOVES having them done.

Eating: Amelie is starting to eat finger food, she has completely gone off her porridge which was what she used to eat every morning for her breakfast. She loves bread that is slightly toasted and as a treat on the weekend she has plain scotch pancakes (which you find in the bread aisle of supermarkets) as a treat - which is her absolute favourite! 
I'm still giving her, her 5 a day. Strawberries, pineapple & melon are her current faves.
Her meal times have increased to 3 main meals a day, with three milk bottles in between.

Sleep: Since the arrival of her two top teeth, Amelie's sleeping has improved again. We've also moved her cot down a level as she's sitting up and is showing signs of trying to lift herself into a kneeling/standing position.

Nursery: Amelie is still doing really well at nursery. She's an observer and loves to people watch and see what all the other children are doing. Her favourite part of the day are during singing time - she bobs her head, claps, smiles and babbles as soon as anyone starts singing! She also really enjoys the 'sensory area' which has different textures and sounds in.
Since being at Nursery, Amelie's immune system has definitely taken a beating! She has conjunctivitis at the beginning of the month which required two doses of antibiotics and a 10 days to get over.

Talking: Amelie can say Baba which is mostly directed at Simba (our Chihuahua). She's also close to say 'Chester' which is the name of Connor's Mum's cat.
She is still most vocal during singing where she babbles along.

Moving: As stated above Amelie can now crawl, I have to watch her like a hawk as sometimes, even when things have been moved out of her reach she can still find ways and means to get to it! Her favourite thing to reach for are Simba's toys!
She's also showing the early signs of wanting to lift herself up.

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