Monday, 30 July 2012

Hanging on the Washing Line

We've had a very practical weekend, seeing as it is the last one *fingers crossed* before the baby and wanting to make the most of the hot weather we thought we would finish washing the baby's clothes.
Obviously her immediate clothes have already been washed, ironed and packed in her hospital bag but it's a nice feeling to know that everything is all ready for her to wear.
Besides, clothes smell so much nicer once dried outside?!

On to another note, I have instagram! I've had it for a few months now but haven't had the opportunity to post about it.
I'm definitely obsessed. It's funny how an app like this can really make you appreciate the smaller things in life. I've never noticed the presentation of food so much before!
If you'd like to follow me then search @KaatieeC

I've also changed my blog name, I wanted something a little bit more quirky and something that is easy to remember.

How did everyone else spend their weekend?

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