Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dainty Doll | Bargain Alert

I'm sure the countless tweets & blog posts have already made you aware of this offer already. But if you've been hiding under a very well placed rock these past few weeks, I'm about to let you in on something that will allow you to give yourself a slight exception to any spending bans you currently have in place, stretch the last few pounds in your bank account before payday and recreate the madness of Christmas sale shopping..It's a good'en. 

Dainty doll is the brain child of band member (and fellow pale gal) Nicola Roberts. The brand was created specifically for paler complexions. 
Despite the brand being around for the last 5 years, and being available online on websites such as Boots & Asos, it's not as easier to get hold of in stores, and seeing as I'm a swatch-before-you-buy kinda girl (especially seeing as the average product is priced at a heafty £13.00), I've never got round to purchasing anything.

And thats where the bargain alert comes in. Fragrance direct is a discounted cosmetic site that I have previously ordered from. It's a serious one to bare in mind when your looking for a bargain buy and I'd definitely recommend you all to save to your favourites. You'll thank me later.
In this case, when I say discounted. I don't just mean a slight reduction  - I'm talking MUA prices here and you could say I got a tad carried away..

I ended up purchasing six blushes all together; 3 powders  & 3 creme.
Looking back it does seem a bit OTT; I only have two cheeks and lets face it I'm not going to be wearing a colour on each! But for £1.99 It was all the justification I needed.

The packaging is very swish and bares some similarity to Nars' rubbery casing.. Not the most practical as far as finger print marks go, but looks great for the first week!
One thing that I did notice was that only the number of each blusher was visible on the back of the case - Not a deal breaker, but it makes it harder to remember which number correlates to which colour, especially if you own more than one shade.
Another thing to add is that you do get an extra 2g of product with the powder blushes compared to the 5g of product with the creme blush. Here's a run down of shades:

All colours have great pigmentation and colour pay off, I literally swiped my hand once to get the following swatches:

(L-R): Billion Dollar Babies, Orange County Girl, Paper Roses
(L-R): Hippy Shake, My Girl, You Are My Sunshine

My favourites are Orange County Girl & You are my sunshine I love the similarity to Nars Orgasm but for a fraction of a price!

I managed to also track down the lipsticks on another website and another post will be up soon.
I think another order with Fragrance Direct is in order.. It's perfect to make little birthday presents or even stocking fillers for Christmas - well it is only 8 months away..

Have you tried any Dainty Doll products?

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