Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Amelie's 2 Month Update | Baby Blog

I can't believe, already a whole month has passed since her last update post - this year has flown by.
I was watching This Morning a few weeks ago and they had already started their 100 days countdown!
Amelie has changed so much this month, she seems to be doing something different almost on an everyday basis.

Measurements - 8 weeks 5 days old (last month I miscalculated - she was actually 4 weeks 3 days old!)
Height - 54cm
Weight is something I haven't really been keeping an eye on, its common for babies to fluctuate so rather than keep a close eye on this I just go by what the health visitors tell me.
Her last appointment was her 6 week check up and although they didn't weigh her they did say she was a healthy baby and well in proportion - they did measure her head circumference which was 39cm.
Eye colour - Blue! 
Hair Colour - It seems to change depending on the lighting, she's still a lot lighter than when she was first born but now she's got a slight red tint in natural light.

Feeding - Amelie is still feeding well. We've been going steady at 120ml each feed but she very often finishes this so we have started to increase this to 150ml if she's been asleep for a long period of time.

Winding - Still really good. She definitely lets us know if she's in pain! Quite often I'll let her rest for a few minutes before winding as it gives her time to relax (or as I like to think of it - the 'burp' to develop!). I regularly change her nappy straight after feeding and then burp her.
As of yet she hasn't kept us up at night with her crying in pain.

Sleeping - Amelie is being amazing with sleeping through the night. She must of had a total of 9 nights now sleeping through and when she doesn't she only wakes up once! We took the big step of moving her into her own room - I know this is quite a controversial topic BUT quite often we were the ones that woke her during the night especially with Connor leaving early to commute to London.
Amelie hardly sleeps through the day which makes it hard to keep the house in check, my laundry and ironing baskets are forever full but I can't complain!
We're still keeping to the same routine as last month, she's usually in bed come 9.30pm.

Outings - I've become more and more confident with going out with her. I've practically recovered now so I'm keeping active by going on daily walks with her in the pram and Simba on his lead. Okay, I'm definitely not ready to run the marathon but I'm finding each week I can walk further and further.
I've also finally been able to drive again which has made my life far more exciting. I've been keeping busy seeing my friends at the start of the month before they all go back to Uni which was nice - I even ventured out for a pub lunch with one of my besties!

Date Days / Nights - We haven't really gone anywhere this month. It's more been the case of having my mum round to babysit for a few hours while I crack on with the household chores! 
I've come to realise that as long as you've got everything organised and hygienic you can look past the untidiness.

Lows this month? I was nervous taking her for her 'clicky hip' appointment. Everything is fine and completely normal though!

Highs this month? Amelie's daily giggles and random smiles. She also makes 'cooing' noises which is so cute! We finally got round to ordering Amelie's birth annoncement cards. I  can't wait till they get here!
We also went shopping and bought some amazing bargains in the 'end of summer' sale. We're going on holiday in February and she's got all her clothes sorted.

Funniest moments? The dog is so good with her, I try and 'include' him as much as possible (by this I mean letting him sniff Amelie in the morning etc). One morning he was sniffing her feet with his back legs by her shoulders and she suddenly reached out and wrapped her legs around his back legs. 

Looking forward to? Halloween! I've bought her the cutest little costume! I also finaklly got round to ordering hr birth annoncement cards (better late then never!) and i'm looking forward to posting the out next week!

Least Looking forward to? The cold weather. Some days have been so rubbishy and wet.

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  1. A beautiful baby, such pretty eyes :)




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