Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Urban Decay - The Quinceañera Make-up Bag

I've been using the same make-up bag for as long as I can remember, It's an Estee Lauder one and I'm pretty sure my mum gave it to me as part of gift set she had a few years ago.
Since starting this blog, my make-up collection has definitely grown and I have found myself taking a greater amount of make-up with me whenever I go away.
Unfortunately I can no longer fit all of my "essential" travel make-up in my bag, so, I've been on the hunt for  something bigger and better! Not only that but I need a make-up bag that is practical and strong (after all I definitely do NOT pack light!).
That's when I came across the new Urban Decay fifteenth anniversary make-up bag.
I was instantly attracted to its sparkly purple colour and spacious size.
Another thing that I love about this is that it is so practical.
It's made of PVC so it's easy to keep clean and you don't have to worry about any make-up marking or staining the material.
There is a smaller zipped compartment which can be used for finding small products. In my case I have used it to store my favourite mascara, a small sample of mac Studio Moisture Fix (I got this as a sample and now decant a small amount from my full size bottle into here if I go travelling to save space) and a trusty Carmex.
I also love the detailing of the bag, the lining has the fifteenth anniversary logo printed on as well as the zipper being a shiny gold colour (which slides along easily).

Overall, I am really happy, and, If you're a girl who loves glitter, purple and gold - this bag has your name on it!

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