Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Spoiled Brat: Buy One Get One Half Price

Spoiled Brat has got to be one of my favourite online clothing stores when I have the mollah to splash out on new items for my wardrobe.
I was searching online over the weekend when I noticed the incredible deals that Spoiled Brat had on offer.
Not wanting to miss out on this opportunity I had a browse at all the items of clothing on offer.. There really was some bargains!
After much deliberation I chose these two items:
6126 By Lindsay Lohan
(I actually could not believe this bargain!)
I like how the item itself came with its own coat hanger and plastic sleeve, This is how I plan on storing this top in my wardrobe.
I love the statement chain detailing on this top, It's really eye-catching and unusual. I plan to wear this out for my boyfriends birthday meal next weekend with some skinny grey denim jeans and killer heels.

 Everything about this top screams high end quality
I love the chain on the back of the top and the fact that it can be removed, I hate itchy labels so It's definitely a bonus having a charm!

Then half price to £5!!
I love the size of this mirror - it's large enough that you can see the whole of your face, yet small enough to fit in your make-up bag or to have in your handbag/clutch on the go.
There are two mirrors available making it easy to set up to different angles.
It fastens with a little clip making it easy to open, yet secure enough to stop from getting dirty and/or breaking.
There is a button on the right side which turns the 'limited edition' heart shaped lights on - this is a really clever feature and is something that I will find really useful, particularly in the evenings and on nights out.
I really like the fine detail to this mirror, The front contains Swarovski Crystals which makes it look really elegant and pretty.
I love how every angle of this mirror has been thought of, I love how the back has the word "You!" printed on. 

Overall I'm really pleased with my bargain buys! Spoiled Brat has always been exceptionally good with its service.
I don't think this website is recognised enough and would urge anyone to have a look at what items they have to offer.

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