Monday, 18 April 2011

Apology, Catch Up And First Outfit of the Night!

Firstly I just want to apologise for my absence and lack of blog posts. I've been extremely busy with my schoolwork and revising hard for my upcoming exams next month.I've also had a few personal problems involving my boyfriend, which has put me in a pretty naff recently and left me feeling slightly uninspired to write. 
I'm hoping everything will sort themselves out soon, and i'll be back to my usual rambling self.
Right so let's get back into the swing of things..

♡ The week before last was two of my good friends eighteenths and they hired out a club for the night. It was so nice to have a party and place where you knew everyone, it was also good to dance like a complete idiot and not care about who was watching - something that can only be achieved with the help of a few sambucas!
Here's what I wore.
♡ Dress - Asos (although now discontinued)
♡ Bracelet - Links of London

Sarah (one of the birthday girls), Connor and Me
Apologies for the lighting, I think there must have been a slightly intoxicated photographer!
♡ My gorgeous puppy went under surgery last week, I must admit I felt so maternal and worried for her.
Everything went to plan and she's now on her way back to being her normal mad self.
No puppies for you now Bella!
♡ Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went to London to watch and support his step father who ran the London Marathon 2011! It was such a fantastic day out and the atmosphere was brilliant.We were right in front of the barriers and watched all the athletes run past right from the elite to the masses. He finished the time in 4 hours 43 minutes after running a total of 26.2 miles!
I have nothing but admiration for all the runners.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend, I promise i won't leave it too long till my next blog.

I'd love to hear your thoughts:
Did you go to watch the London Marathon?


  1. my brother ran the marathon last year, the day was amazingly fun :) you look gorgeous x

  2. It's so emotional isn't it, we stood on the 200m point right before the end (just before the VIP stands) and we were seeing runners collapse, throw up, faint, cry etc! My boyfriend wants to do it next year, i'm more than happy to only watch though. haha.
    Aww thank you xx


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